Happy anniversary to me….

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The Divine Miss M

So friday was February 6, and February 6 is a rather notable day in my life. On February 6, 1989, I was handed a badge and a copy of John Sculley’s Oddysey, and told to go make useful things as a new employee at Apple.

And here I am, 15 years later, still with Apple, still going strong, still doing interesting things and working to change the world.

John Sculley is gone, so is Mike Spindler (thank god), and Jean-Louis. Steve is back, and OS X rocks. Been an interesting 15 years — and if you think about where we (as a company and as society, and as technology people) have come in that time, from the Mac II to the xServe, from Multifinder to Panther, from macPaint to the iPod and Final Cut and iDVD — man it’s been a hell of a ride, no?

Makes you wonder what the next fifteen will be like. I’m looking forward to being part of it. How about you?

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