Happy October….

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Opening night.

although I’m not sure how we got here so fast.

yes, blogging’s been a bit light again. No, it has nothing to do with, um, That Thing Next Week.

How do I explain this?

Have you ever sneezed? Sneezed Really hard?

Okay, now sneeze really hard while bent over a bit and twisted slightly. Sneeze hard enough that your vertebra do the slinky thing and separate, just slightly. Then pop back together, but since you’re bent over and twisted, two of them right between the shoulder blades, don’t quite mesh right.

Achoo! followed by any number of words that we don’t use in polite company. Hell, words most sailors probably would blush at, as two streams of molten laval travelled down my back and into the legs. In football parlance, it’s called a “stinger” — which is appropriate, if what stuck you did so with a stinger shaped like an ice pick and caught you in the spine.

Nothing serious — seriously — just a bit painful. It quickly settled down again, as long as I didn’t bend over, twist, try to pick up anything, or, well, sneeze. Did I mention that this is the worst damn fall for allergies I’ve had in years? And for the first three days, every time I turned over in bed, it woke me up. Rinse and repeat for about ten days (since I tweaked it twice, since I’m sometimes a slow learner)

But it’s fine now, but when I’m tired, I tend to not feel like writing as much. which is probably a good thing for the net anyway.

(I hate when that happens)

That — and I’m working on something here at home that isn’t quite ready to announce, but it’ll make Flip happy.

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  • Flip

    The happiness will be a cascading effect. ;-)