News – Sharks GM Looks Back On Playoff Exit – Forward To 07-08 – San Jose Sharks

one reason Doug Wilson is so pissed.
San Jose Mercury News – Sharks GM won’t guarantee coach’s return

News – Sharks GM Looks Back On Playoff Exit – Forward To 07-08 – San Jose Sharks:


Most injuries are revealed when the playoffs conclude, as what happened with Marleau’s shoulder, but others that came to light were sports hernias with Guerin, Smith, Vesa Toskala and Jonathan Cheechoo (a double).

“Vesa could have played,” said Wilson. “(With Cheechoo), they were shocked he was still playing. It is a simple procedure to fix.”


Wilson did discuss the difficult season for Mark Bell who was talented offseason pickup, who then had some off-ice issues and then found himself a healthy scratch in the playoffs.

“Mark got off on the wrong foot,” said Wilson. “He didn’t play the way he wanted and we didn’t get what we wanted for him. We’re looking forward to getting back the hockey player he was before. I think he can be a really good hockey player (for us).”

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  • jecook

    Cheechoo continues to surprise and amaze me. Early in his career slated as a 3rd line winger that could hardly skate with top 6 linemates. Works his butt off to improve his skating, develops a shot and becomes a valuable regular player. Turns into the Rocket Richard trophy winner overnight. Battles injuries all year long and somehow manages to play the entire playoffs with a bum knee after the cheap shot in game one of Nashville series. Cheechoo *nearly* propelled the sharks past the wings with hilight reel game winning goal in game 3 and first goal of game 4. Doing all this with class, dignity and guts. _/jecook