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Our disappearing web

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I seriously doubt these words will survive 100 years. What about you?


I seriously doubt that any words I write will deserve to survive 100 years.

Why should they? Just because they exist now?

Isn’t it a modern arrogance to presume that things will exist when you’re no longer around to care to make them exist?

Fact is, in the past, things in the past continued into the present because someone cared enough to preserve, present and promote. Stuff that didn’t meet that standard disappeared. Sometimes, of course, “preserve” meant taking extraordinary steps at the risk of life and limb, too.

Sometimes valuable stuff has disappeared, too — but the reality is that if something was valuable enough, redundant copies tended to be made, even if it was made by monks on parchments with ink and pen.

Me, I’d be thrilled to find out people considered stuff I did worthy of being preserved. Most of my stuff, especially my blogging? it’s prattle, the modern equivalent of laundry and shopping lists. why should that stuff be preserved? Specifically, why should MY versions of those be preserved? Who in future history department’s are going to care? And why?

Frankly, most of this stuff deserves to turn back into randomized electrons, folks. Don’t put yourself up with the folio’s of Shakespeare quite that easily…