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Chicago 4, San Jose 2. Ouch
San Jose Sharks – News: Nabokov Sets Shutout Mark – 01/30/2009

And, make no mistake, our fair-haired boys were the victims of a horrible call tonight by Don “Have another donut, you fat pig” Koharski.

via Avs have another donut : All Things Avs Colorado.

Okay, how many years ago was this? And how many years has Koharski reffed since then? And yet Dater pulls this out and tosses it around like the cheap shot it was? Sorry, Adrian, you’re a better writer than this. You really want folks to remind you of something you did 20 years ago every time you get a name wrong in a column?

This is, frankly, pretty lame, and something I’d expect from someone like Al Strachan, not a real journalist.

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