All atwitter about feathery things..

Rare Birds Flocking to Newly Restored San Diego Wetlands Area: I need to check this out next time I head south. (via @burdr)

Who can resist photos of Great Horned Owls? I can’t.

Even better: Great Horned Owl Chicks.

National Geographic: Birds of a Feather.

DC Birding: Review, the Princeton Encyclopedia of Birds.

All about Birds website redesigned. And very good, too!

The word is that the eagles on Calaveras have hatched at least one chick. I’m headed out there shortly. My interest in those eagles has spawned discussions with people about other nests. There’s a nest in Sydney, BC that has a webcam and chicks (which just reminds me it’s been forever since we’ve visited the island. gotta fix that). and don’t forget the Caltrans turtle bay eagle webcam!

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