Happy Valentines day!

Only a flesh wound....
Learning to love life....


And how did you spend your Valentines day? I spent mine with the plumbers, with what we thought was a leak in the service line into the house. That’s been patched, but when we turned on the service again, the leak re-appeared. Not so good. That means we have a slab leak; this is an Eichler, it has no crawlspace, it’s on a cement pad. and in the pad is the plumbing, and somewhere it’s leaking. So soon the guys with the really expensive leak detection machine will arrive to find it, followed by the guys with the jackhammer to chew out the part of the floor over where the leak is. which is likely (I hope) either in the kitchen or dining room. if we get really lucky, it’s in the garage but somehow I doubt it..

And we have this nice hole in the front yard, slowly filling with water again…

But we have a nice new copper service line that no longer routes through the porch slab…

This is likely going to complicate my blogging schedule. and maybe vacation. And who knows what else?

oh well. nobody’s died, and that’s good.


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  • Lisa Harrigan

    Oy! I do know how Eichler built things – I once worked for the insurance agency that insured him and all the houses when they were first sold. Slab floors are great for California houses until something doesn’t work. I do hope the hole is easily found and fixed.

  • Flip

    “oh well. nobody’s died, and that’s good.”

    I think the ant’s nest that was in that area is thoroughly drowned now.