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I seem to be returning back to to the world of the blog. Apologies for the relative silence, but life’s been really busy, and something had to give. I decided it was better for the blog to take a break than for me to jump off a bridge….

It’s been a strange year so far. After my May trip to Yosemite, I knew I was going to go into a busy time as we prepared to ship the TouchPad, and so I figured free time was going to be sparse. I was right, plus I just felt worn out, so as it turns out, I only picked up the camera once between May and August, and it’s only been since mid-August that I’ve been trying to get out and bird and shoot again on any kind of schedule.

One thing I hadn’t planned on was that the TouchPad sales would be as challenged as they were. One thing I definitely did not expect was that our CEO would blow up our division and send it out behind the shed to be shot, only to later see the board take our CEO out behind the shed and shoot him as well (footnote 1). To say it’s created a bit of a chaotic and stressful time for people within the webOS world — well, that’s no surprise to anyone, right? And a week ago, they laid off a chunk of the webOS family (but I and Developer Relations are intact; still, it’s never fun, and it’s not easy for anyone).

We’re still waiting to hear how all of this is going to settle out, but I’m now sort of in a holding pattern until I hear more.  So it’s gone from acute stress to chronic minor stress.

On top of that, mom decided she needed to replace her computer, which meant a couple of weeks of pulling the hardware and software together, getting it all set up, and then a pair of trips down to SoCal to set it all up and get her running on it (and then going back down to fix the Wifi network and a few things that didn’t work right the first time).

I’d been thinking of taking a bit of time off and going somewhere quiet to recharge the batteries, but the SoCal trips fixed that. right now, not exactly sure when I’ll get a chance to pull some time off, so I’ve been trying to do other things to recharge the batteries (like avoid the blog, not stress over writing, etc….). And now, the fall weather is hitting the Oregon Coast, and I’m not sure whether it’d make sense to head that way as I was thinking, or if I’d spend the trip watching it rain from the hotel room. Hmm.

Oh, and the dishwasher retired. We have a new one, a Bosch, which we really like. and me knee and I had a bit of a fight, but I finally declared a draw. Which sort of made going on the trip mythical for a while….

So it’s been a crazy year, now finally settling down into a dull noise (I hope). at least pending the next corporate restructuring. Until then, I’ve started getting out and walking again, I’ve started carrying the camera again, I’ve been spending time in Lightroom again, and birding, and now I’m finally feeling like I have the time and energy to support writing regularly for the blog again…. We’ll see how well I do. No backlog of articles to buffer a busy day, but plenty of things I want to write about.

We’ll see how it goes. but if aliens beamed down and destroyed corporate HQ tomorrow, I don’t think I’d be surprised at this point.


(footnote 1: no, really. we didn’t shoot him. we drove him out to the farm where he can run free and be happy with all of the other corporate CEOs that have lost their jobs to major compensation payouts; payouts which, I note for the record, the 500 ex-webOS staffers didn’t get… combined).





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  • Tim Stiffler-Dean

    These are good times for us to take a look at what we’re doing each day. I’ve been walking, writing short stories and enjoying my camera quite a bit more these last few weeks as well. Good luck with everything.

  • http://www.stefanbaeurle.com Stefan B

    I’m very sorry to hear what’s going on at HP/Palm – quite confusing. It is surely not an “ideal” working environment and I hope webOS will live on. I and my wife enjoy our Pre- and TouchPad devices a great deal!