30 Days Of Sexism

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30 Days Of Sexism | Kotaku Australia:

From March 7 – April 7, I documented everything blatantly sexist anyone has said to me. None of these comments were provoked, none of them were replies to something I said, none of them were at all out of the ordinary and the vast majority of them (an original count of 77 images) have been taken out so that this post isn’t as long as it probably should be. This is a 10-picture indication of what it’s like to be a woman who endorses game culture, every single month

Isn’t it sad things are still like this? But is it surprising? unfortunately, no.

Okay, you’re a community manager, and this starts happening in your forums or in the comments section. Are your site rules and T&Cs set up to let you fix the problem? And — how do you define “fix the problem?”

How do you handle it? Well, if you’re Youtube, you evidently stick carrots in your ears and pretend nothing’s wrong… 



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