Quick note for folks who know Hugh Daniel

It was four years ago today....
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I wanted to put out a quick note to people reading my blog who know Hugh Daniel. I just got word that he was found dead in his home this afternoon. All I know right now is that it looks like natural causes.

I feel like I’ve known Hugh forever. He was a neat, hyper-intelligent guy with a distinct worldview that was both fun to learn from and poke hatpins in. Dinner with him was always a fascinating, multi-faceted discussion.

The world’s a bit less interesting tonight.

Update June 5: I’ve been told two services are going to be held, one in California, one in Ann Arbor. I’ll post details as soon as I get them.

Also, a nice piece with a pointer to Hugh’s FGoH tribute at Windycon 38 via File 770.

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  • Gary Barnhard

    It seems that there is a conspiracy afoot to space Hugh Daniel, as in sending at least a part of him on a deep space voyage courtesy of Celestis and the Sunjammer mission.
    Check out his memorial website at http://hugh.xisp.net

  • Eugene Miya

    The world is a lesser place without Hugh.

    I had a 1/2 hr. phone call from Hugh on Sunday June 2.

    I plan to be at the memorial this weekend (briefly).

  • Tim Pozar

    I just got the word from Stu Grossman. Very sorry to hear about Hugh. Last time I saw him was a couple months ago when he came to a party at our house. Not only did he shut the party down but helped clean up.

    I first met Hugh in the 80s through the Well where he was the SysAdmin. Great guy, wonderful sense of humor and damn opinionated about security and protection of privacy and identity. Not only did he talk the talk but did the walk with projects like FreeSWAN.

    I will miss his 11PM calls to see if I can meet up with him at the Steep Ravine hot tub. I will miss, talking with him until the early morning hours. I will miss his laugh. I will miss his UTILIKILT. We are a little better off for him being on this planet.


  • Shannon Dillman

    From Hugh’s sister:
    Hello friends of Hugh,

    As has been posted, Hugh Daniel died June 3 from a heart attack brought on by congestive heart failure. I don’t believe that Hugh was aware that he had congestive heart failure and it has been a shock to family and friends. He was found at his home, and it appears it was quick. He’d been up all night rebuilding a server and signed off around 6am to get some sleep.

    Hugh is being cremated and there will be a memorial in the Bay Area and one in Ann Arbor, Michigan, his home town. It will be a few weeks before either occur, and no times or locations have been firmed up. The memorial will be a casual, unconventional event – it is for Hugh after all. His friends were a huge part of his life, and you are welcome to weigh in on ideas for his memorial service in the Bay Area, which is for you. If you have ideas for locations, etc, please feel free to contact me at LesliHiker@gmail.com. Details will be posted as they are available.

    Hugh’s family appreciates the friends you have been to Hugh.


    Lesli Daniel, Hugh’s sister

    • Rachel Holmen

      Leslie, my condolences. Please let me know the details of the San Francisco area memorial. My direct email is reh at sff dot net.

  • Lynn Gold

    Hugh was a dedicated friend who could light up the room by being in it. To me he was the consummate “party animal” in that he could hit multiple parties in one night, bringing to each of them full energy and an empty palate, figuratively and literally — I once witnessed him going to three dinner parties in one day (well, technically I only witnessed him at parties 1 and 3, but I was VERY impressed). If Hugh was at a party, you knew it was a GOOD party.

    I met him shortly after he’d arrived in California from Michigan — eeps — that was at least 30 years ago! Damn, I miss him already.

  • Eric Hughes

    Well that sucks.

    Hugh was one of the few people I knew who was willing and able to disbelieve conventional wisdom on a regular and ordinary basis. Sometimes that was a good thing, sometimes not, but on the whole it made him someone whose opinion I would always take seriously.

  • Paul Wouters

    “When you’re NAT on the net, you’re NOT on the net” — Hugh Daniel


  • Lou Katz

    Unhappy news. Hadn’t seen him in a while.

  • Allen Baum

    Yea, “shock” is the right word. so is “sucks”. And “sadness”.

  • Strata

    That really sucks. Thanks for getting the word out, though.

  • mr_bandit

    I am in shock. I met Hugh in the early 80′s thru fandom, then hung out together at various nerd events. We shared more than a few rooms together at cons – a Phoenix Westercon with 18 in a room for 3 springs to mind.

    When I was out of work during the dot-com bust, Hugh and Eric helped us by hiring me to work on the e-dome. (Eric has been told?)

    I kept saying we needed to get him a t-shirt with a large red button with RANT in the middle, with a disclaimer under it:
    WARNING: Pushing this button will cause a rant
    WARNING: Thinking about pushing this button will cause a rant
    WARNING: (etc – I figured 10+ warnings could cover most rant triggers)

    RIP Hugh.

  • Ariana

    Karen B sums it up perfectly. Sadness.

  • Karen B.

    It’s hard to imagine Hugh quietly asleep never mind gone forever. Thanks for passing along the news, though.

  • Shannon Dillman

    Dammit. DAMMIT. I’ve known him (can’t quite get my head nor heart around using the pure past tense yet) for 29 years, and I’m heartbroken. Smart, opinionated, annoying, of course; provocative, caring, and afflicted with a fierce sense of right and wrong – I can’t begin to describe the loss I’m feeling, even though we hadn’t chatted much these last few months. There’s always time to catch up, right? Was looking forward to that soon. DAMMIT. In addition to my great good fortune in having known him, my kids were blessed to have had “Jungle Jim” all their lives.

    My brain suggests appending “to date” to that last sentence, but my heart resists and knows better. His loving influence remains.

    The world is a lesser place today.

  • Mark Williamson

    Sorry for your loss.

  • Steve Simmons

    Crap! I haven’t seen Hugh in a number of years, but every time we bumped into each other it was like resuming a conversation after a moment to breathe. What a loss.

  • Bill Higgins

    I wrote about Hugh a couple of years ago:

    I’ve known him over 30 years. Nobody can fill his sandals.

  • Gale Pedowitz

    Blah. Blah a lot. :-(

  • Gale Pedowitz

    Hugh Daniel, no ‘s’.

  • Rich Morin

    I’m still in shock. I was over at Hugh and Mel’s just the other evening, listening to Chongo talk about Antarctica and Hawaii. Hugh was going to wander over RSN to pick up some machines. Guess that’s not happening… FWIW, I met Hugh in 1983 or so, just after I bought my Sun-1. He was noisy, opinionated, smart, and a true friend. I’ll miss him.

  • Ted Lemon

    I haven’t seen him since the Adelaide IETF. Sigh. It doesn’t seem possible that the world could no longer contain him.

  • Eliot Lear

    The world has lost a source of joy.

  • Panini

    Oh no!! What a great loss :(

  • AnonymouseIsAWoman

    Unbelievable. Just unbelievable. Michael and I are in shock. Michael knew Hugh all the way back to Ann Arbor in the Ann Arbor Computing Club, about contemporary with the Altair. I only knew him for a couple of decades; but I will miss him terribly although we hadn’t seen much of him in recent years

  • richardthreadgill

    The world is a quieter place tonight.

  • Larry


    • gem


  • Sean

    Gale is off to call someone who she believes has emergency contact information.

  • JG

    Might want to check with the BayCon folks

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