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Community Manager with a strong technical background. Amateur photographer with a strong interest in birds, animals and landscapes. Birdwatcher. Author and Blogger. Those are not the same thing. Person with Opinions. 17 years at Apple didn't kill me. It made me stronger.

State of the Chuq, revising the five year plan edition

Even before recent events, I’d been evaluating my online presence and my time commitments and trying to decide if my time and money expenditures were in line with my priorities (how to figure this out might make an interesting blog post or two if there’s interest). Then I had my recent little oopsie, and it became clear some things needed to be re-arranged. Life at Cisco (six months in, they haven’t discovered me as a fraud and fired my butt) continues to be awesome, but keeping me extremely busy. That’s not going to change. I am having a ball and […]

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Not Dead Yet #3 — A Week Later

So, it’s been another week and I’m not dead yet. About ten days from the event, and probably time for an update. For the first couple of days everything moved hyper-fast, almost in a blur. And then it slowed way, way down. I got cleared to go back to work on Friday and planned to start up again Monday, and then didn’t — I realized I needed to get away a bit and start getting my head around this, so I grabbed my camera gear (remember that stuff?) and headed down to Moss Landing, where I shot for a few […]

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Portrait of my house mate, Tatiana

I was testing the Fuji XT1 and the 55-200, and what better subject than what’s in the room? I don’t take pictures of the local universe often enough, something I’m going to try to fix. Here’s one of one of my house-mates, Tatiana, the Umbrella Cockatoo who rules over the front half of the house. In Tatiana’s world, a thing can be one of three things: food, toy, and danger. Every Sunday, for instance, we have the “close the drapes already” race when the neighbor attacks us with his lawnmower. Tatiana is about 20 years old now and has been […]

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Three-Dot Lounge for October 5, 2014

Three dot lounge is a mostly-weekly collection of things that deserve more than a retweet. Stay tuned for fascinating opinions and pithy commentary. Also keep an eye on my Twitter feed for more interesting stuff. I’m fascinated by Ello because it reminds me of when the social web was still new Moose Death Prompts Crackdown on Wildlife Photographers Why This Bot’s Crappy Photos Got Way More Likes, Favorites and Comments than Your Good Ones Introducing The battle in California to save waterfowl from ending up as dead ducks The Plan to Demolish SF’s Old Bay Bridge Could Be Derailed […]

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Life at Apple revisited….

As an ex-Apple person who was there for a long time, a common question I get is “Would you ever go back?” And that’s a complicated answer. My normal answer is “If the right situation came up, yes”. Well, Don Melton and Nitin Ganatra, also veterans of the Apple wars, sat down on the Debug Podcast, opened up bottles of wine, and out poured an episode that talks about what life was like working in the Shadow of Steve on stuff you can’t tell your family about. It’s a fascinating and very accurate look at life being the six color […]

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