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Working Notes – Site Architecture and connections

What I’ve been doing since the last update includes a couple of things — continuing to dig into WordPress Themes and making preliminary decisions on them (done!) and starting to build out the architecture of this thing so I know both what content I plan to go where and how I need to interconnect them, and what content is being sucked in or pushed out from other services. For things like this I use a mind map (click through for a larger version) There are four sites in the combined setup now: www (replacing the existing, fyc (the review […]

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Working Notes: The Gallery Front Page design and Rethinking Photoshelter

One of the tasks last night was to spend some time going more in-depth on Photoshelter and dig into the design and presentation of some of the sites they promote as well as some other sites I found that use their service. As I was going through it, I noticed that the blogs of the sites I really liked weren’t hosting on Photoshelter but were separate. Lindsay Adler, for instance, is a WordPress blog — not obvious at first look because whoever built that did a nice integration. One that does use the Photoshelter system to blog is Robin Moore, […]

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Time for a checkpoint. As I write this it’s Saturday (Jan 3, 2015) about 4PM. I’ve just point about four hours into whacking the galleries site with a stick, and I’ve basically got the thing built out the way I want it, minus any real design customization. Functionally, the site is now 99% complete, in about four hours of hacking. This is why I love geeking WordPress for smaller projects like this. So far, this is 99% integration of existing tools. I’ve added one new plug in beyond what I documented before, WP Post Navigation which lets me customize the previous/next […]

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Working Notes: Fitting out a WordPress Site

WordPress is a good CMS, but a default installation rarely does everything you want and need. Making it look good — themes To fix that, you need to write or acquire a theme, which defines the look and feel of the site. The current version of WordPress comes with a number of pre-installed themes and the quality and configurability of those themes has improved massively from a few years back and they’re well worth experimenting with if you’re just starting out. It doesn’t take long to move beyond that — there’s a massive ecosystem of themes available for WordPress, many […]

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The Philosophy of using both a Gallery and Portfolio site

Continuing the thought started in the last set of working notes, here’s my thinking behind why I want both a Photoshelter (aka my “portfolio” site at and a more casual gallery setup (at “” and based on WordPress, Photocrati and NextGen). Why do I separate these photos? Because I want my portfolio of images to represent the images I’m proud of, not just the ones I’ve taken. Most “serious” or pro photographers do this to some degree or another, and it’s why my SmugMug site only has a subset of all of my images on it. Inside Lightroom I […]

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