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Community Manager with a strong technical background. Amateur photographer with a strong interest in birds, animals and landscapes. Birdwatcher. Author and Blogger. Those are not the same thing. Person with Opinions. 17 years at Apple didn't kill me. It made me stronger.

Teal Sunglasses for February 3, 2015

Teal Sunglasses is an occasional collection of things and opinions about hockey, the San Jose Sharks and sports in general. Stay tuned for fascinating opinions and pithy commentary. Also keep an eye on my Twitter feed for more interesting stuff. Diving back into the Mosh Pit Mirtle: The strange dysfunction of the San Jose Sharks Diving back into the Mosh Pit It’s been a while since I’ve written much about hockey. As I got older I found myself more interested in the game itself, but less and less interested in the tribalist aspects of being a fan of sports, and […]

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Last night I finished setting up the content on the new site and so I’m now officially launching it. Time to go and check it out. My introductory note about the site is here. If you follow this site via my twitter or Google+ feeds, you’ll get updates on new content on that site in those places as well. If you subscribe to my RSS feed or my posting mailing list, you’ll need to subscribe to the new site as well. I do plan to post notes here about new content (most likely as part of Three Dot Lounge […]

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I’m in Birdwatcher’s Digest

Just a quick note to let folks know that I have an article reprinted in the Jan/Feb 2015 issue of Birdwatcher’s Digest. They’re reprinting my piece on Getting Started in Bird Photography — Choose Your Weapons. Thrilled to see this finally in print and able to talk about it! Because we’ve been working on Cisco Live Milan, not much time for using the camera, but with the show starting up now, I think I may start having more free time (at least until we get into heavy planning for Cisco Live in San Diego in June). I actually got out […]

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Working Notes — finishing details in the header and footer

My original plan this weekend was to get some projects done and get out and do some birding. Between the weather and some unspecified other complications, I ended up digging into the site and working on some of the theme details instead. Most of the work was involving trying to figure out how to customize the theme to solve some problems in my preferred design. If you look at my main site I don’t use a sidebar, but instead put the usual sidebar content down in the footer. That’s also where I place a block for the Amazon affiliate advertising. […]

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Working Notes — what you see is sort of what you get….

Time to work on this has been limited, but I’ve continued to try to push forward where I can. The focus the last few days has been to finalize the core design and validate it against real content. They key pieces of design are now, I think, done. Behold the new front page. The main menu has been changed a bit (and may change in minor ways still). The colors have changed in minor but significant ways (more on that in a second), and you can see that the images now have the title captioned in. In fact, the title […]

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