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Some back of the envelope calculations on web site costs

Okay, I promised myself I wouldn’t do this because I know I don’t have time for this project, and then I went and did it anyway, of course. So I’m putting it here as much for my ability to reference it later as for your benefit, but if you find it interesting and useful, even better…) I took a quick look at what I’m paying to operate my web site environments. That includes this site ( and my portfolio site on smugmug. The hosting setup I use for this site also hosts some private and small stuff, working spaces for […]

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Blog tools updates (a few quick geek notes)

I noticed that the WordPress folks released version 4.0 today. Before I upgrade the main site, I wanted to do some compatibility testing, so I spun up a quick test system, loaded it up, and than installed a copy of the main site content onto it. As far as I can tell, the site is working fine in the sandbox; I’m not seeing any problems. I have seen one report of a problem after an upgrade involving attaching media to a post, but other than that, not hearing much bad news. I thought I’d add in my early results for […]

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I suddenly found myself in the middle of a site redesign…

It wasn’t in my plans, but without really realizing it, I found myself elbow deep in my site doing a bunch of redesign and working on a lot of the guts normal humans never see. This is all stuff that’s been on my “do someday” list, but I’ve been going through a phase where “waiting for someday” is a bit of a dirty phrase, and so I’ve been trying to dig through the various “to do” lists and clean them up where I can and have time. I originally mentioned this back in mid-july, and at the time, I thought […]

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