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I suddenly found myself in the middle of a site redesign…

It wasn’t in my plans, but without really realizing it, I found myself elbow deep in my site doing a bunch of redesign and working on a lot of the guts normal humans never see. This is all stuff that’s been on my “do someday” list, but I’ve been going through a phase where “waiting for someday” is a bit of a dirty phrase, and so I’ve been trying to dig through the various “to do” lists and clean them up where I can and have time. I originally mentioned this back in mid-july, and at the time, I thought […]

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Review Wednesday: Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us

Salt Sugar Fat Buy on Amazon One of the background tasks in my life since I was diagnosed with diabetes is to continually find ways to improve my lifestyle habits and eating. A bit part of the reason I became diabetic was because I was eating badly and neglecting what my body needed to stay healthy. I am, at my core, an engineer and a geek, so it was natural when I decided to get serious about this to treat fixing my body as an engineering project, and that implies things like tracking metrics and researching topics and technologies to […]

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Portfolio: Refuges of the Central Valley

At the start of the year I set myself a task of publishing a portfolio of my work once a quarter. Going to work for Cisco kicked my schedule in the knee, so I’ve been behind in some of the projects I wanted to accomplish. My first portfolio was my Yellowstone Portfolio, which was all new work. I’m now releasing my second portfolio, Refuges of the Central Valley, featuring work that I’ve done over the years at the various wildlife refuges here in California. This is work that’s part of my ongoing personal project on the refuges and the birds and […]

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Three Dot Lounge for August 31, 2014

Three dot lounge is a mostly-weekly collection of things that deserve more than a retweet. Stay tuned for fascinating opinions and pithy commentary. Also keep an eye on my Twitter feed for more interesting stuff. Sierra Nevada Fall Color Season – Coming Sooner Than You Think! The Personal Blog BRINGING THE LOOP BACK NBA Cuts Down Credentialed Photographers by 50% in Order to Make Sidelines Safer Worked things out with The Wirecutter QuickLinks Sierra Nevada Fall Color Season – Coming Sooner Than You Think! Sierra Nevada Fall Color Season – Coming Sooner Than You Think! And in October, Laurie and […]

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Portfolio: Impressions of Yellowstone (V2 – and lessons learned)

About a month ago I published my first portfolio, Impressions of Yellowstone, asking for feedback. Putting something out there for the first time like this is frankly a bit scary, but if you don’t do it, you’ll never improve and get it right. I want to especially thank QT Luong and David Barto for their comments. The portfolio clearly needed tweaking, and so now I’ve done that, and here is Version 2 of Impressions of Yellowstone, plus I’ve done it as an online slideshow as well. It is substantially the same, but a number of images got reprocessed and/or re-cropped, […]

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