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Community Manager with a strong technical background. Amateur photographer with a strong interest in birds, animals and landscapes. Birdwatcher. Author and Blogger. Those are not the same thing. Person with Opinions. 17 years at Apple didn't kill me. It made me stronger.

Changing of the Guard (and letting it down at the same time)

I want to wish a  happy, healthy and prosperous 2012 to you all. 2011 was one of those years where the more I try to explain it, the less it seems to make sense. The early part of the year was challenging and full of potential; the latter half of the year a roller coaster of stress and futility. What I can talk about now that the dust has all settled is that 2011 started with me actively interviewing, after some rather unfruitful discussions with HP about role and salary. I was, in fact, in discussions with one of the […]

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six blogs that are influencing my going into 2012

One of my projects for 2012 is going to be to ramp up my work on the blog, write more and write more in-depth pieces, and to add some new functionality and content areas that have been on the back burner for a while. This implies at least a partial re-design of the blog. Perhaps throwing the design out and doing something completely new. I don’t know yet. But part of the process of deciding what this means is figuring out what I want (and why), and how I want it. Part of that has been to think through the […]

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Five Photographers I want to be when I grow up….

I’ve been doing a lot of reflection and self-examination the last few months (it’s only a coincidence this occurred as I ended up making a decision to change jobs. really. sort of). As I noted in my look back at my 2011 goals in photography, my trip to Yosemite really got me started on an extended process of figuring out what photography meant to me at this time in my life, and where I wanted it to take me moving into the future. That has also caused me to think about what about my photography I’m not doing, or don’t […]

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