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a quick note on the sharks at the trade deadline…

woo-hoo! I like the deals, all three of them. Rivet for Gorges and parts. Guerin for Niemmenen and parts. And as I predicted, the Sharks traded a goalie, only it was Nolan Schaeffer, For two bags of pucks, more or less. The two players off the roster: Gorges and Niemmenen. Gorges was a solid and amazingly hard working Defenseman, but showed himself at times to be outmatched. he tried, but he couldn’t always make it happen. He’s definitely a 5th or 6th D on pretty much any NHL team, but not much more. Rivet is clearly an upgrade, and the […]

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A phrase to live by…

When I was talking to the pulmonary nurse about the CPAP, I made an off-the-cuff statement that amused both of us, but the more I think about it, the more I think it’s something I really like. I know Jason’s been really pushing the fatblogging meme, and I’m following it with interest and some enthusiasm, although I haven’t formally bought into it yet. Of course, there’s nothing new under the sun — once again, I’m a bit ahead of the curve. (and yes, I’m 30 pounds heaviler 3 years later than that abortive attempt. This is — really — why […]

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(Wheeze) Luke (Wheeze) I AM your father…. (love me, love my CPAP)

The latest in geek fashion: A couple of weeks ago, I said this: Chuqui 3.0: About Me: And we’ve been chasing something that’s popped up since I left Apple — I’ve been having some intermitted periods where I simply don’t have any energy. It’s not tired or fatigue, it’s just sudden drop-outs of my energy levels. Because of this, I’m going to be doing an apnea sleep study next week, although I don’t believe that’s “it”, with my weight, it’s a logical next step to check and (hopefully) eliminate (or deal with). Yesterday, I got the results of the apnea […]

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Tom Benjamin’s NHL Weblog: About the Donnybrook

Tom Benjamin’s NHL Weblog: About the Donnybrook: # Bill Masterton died when his head slammed against the ice. It could have happened to Chris Drury. The league has to quit dodging these bullets. We need a rule that says, “Players can’t play if their helmets come off. They must proceed directly to the bench.” The result would be securely attached helmets. I agree with Tom in principle, but the reality is that in leagues where I’ve seen this rule in effect (for instance, the old, unlamented roller hockey international), strategic removal of a helmet became a continuing problem. Another option […]

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The Future of Communities Blog – Your comments are mostly a waste of time :)

The Future of Communities Blog » Blog Archive » Your comments are mostly a waste of time :): Most people have been told that in several studies only 90% of your community members are lurkers, 9% contribute something and the remaining 1% really account for most of the action. There are several angles that have been discussed about this in great detail. Still the question that we deal with on a daily basis is: Here are some approaches: 1. Focus your efforts on the 1% and help them by making it easier to contribute. Compelling argument: Focus on the what […]

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These Two Teams Don’t Like Each Other

These Two Teams Don’t Like Each Other: However, I remembered a distinction you made a week ago between players who have a history of attempts to hurt (such as Scott Stevens) and players who have a history of attempts to injure (Bryan Marchment). I guess my question is: Was Chris Neil attempting to hurt or injure Chris Drury? Dave Comstock brings up a good point in the comments, that I felt ought to be part of a posting (and the RSS). Now, my thoughts here: given I saw no sign of Neil leaving his feet, raising his elbow, using his […]

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Validating Email Addresses

Validating Email Addresses – The Daily WTF: The format for e-mail addresses is specified in a number of RFCs; it’s a pet peeve of mine when people “validate” away perfectly valid addresses, for instance: websites that think all domains end in .com, .net, .edu, or .org; and agents that refuse to transfer mail with a + in the local-part. To that end, I wrote my own regular expression that (I believe) follows the specification, which I’ll share below. here’s what I use (in perl). there are a few things in the RFC it doesn’t handle, but they’re things nobody seems […]

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The 2007 goals…

I realize it’s mid-february, but given in the past years I never got around to this until well after Macworld, anyway… I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what I want to accomplish moving forward. 2006 was about trying to make the lifestyle changes I felt I needed to make within the context of Apple, and when I couldn’t, make the decision to move on. 2007 is about taking advantage of the opportunities the move have given me, and moving forward. I wanted to really refine my goals for this next year or so, not overdo it and screw […]

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