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Looking back on the season — my predictions

Before the season, I (as usual) predicted the season results for the western conference. this year I didn’t do the eastern due to lack of time. But how did I do? My guaranteed playoff teams? Sharks Detroit Calgary Dallas Anaheim Sharks and Detroit? yes (duh). Calgary? Just missed winning the conference to Vancouver, finished 6th. Dallas? well, um, no. And Anaheim is in, but in 8th (and playing the Sharks). Bubble Teams: Minnesota Edmonton Nashville Chicago Columbus Colorado Vancouver The good news is that three of my bubble teams made it in,t he bad news is none of the ones […]

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What’s wrong with the Sharks?

It’s that time of the year when fans start worrying. I’ve gotten a number of emails and IM’s asking me what I thought was wrong with the Sharks. I knew the hot start wasn’t sustainable. Well, we’re into that “not sustainable” part. Teams that play “too well” can get into bad habits, and those can make life difficult when the wins stop. The Sharks got into some bad habits, but nothing too serious. The big problem I see with them is a tendency to play to the level of the other team — and they’ve pulled a lot of games […]

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Those of you wondering about the new gig….

Those of you looking for pearls of wisdom about the new gig, be aware. I’m imposing a strict firewall between the “work me” and the “me me”, partly because it’s the only way to keep things sane and remotely tidy, and partly because I’ve learned the hard way that too many folks have trouble understanding the difference between “the guy who blogs and happens to work for foo” and “the foo blogger”. Since I’m now going to be both, the only way to avoid some inevitable and painful commentaries is to not go there. Which doesn’t mean we aren’t going […]

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