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Divisional winners and playoff seeding.

The Spin: Mats Sundin isn’t wrong to wonder why divisional winners are automatically granted one of the top three seeds in the each conference, or whether that’s a fair system. It isn’t. Divisional winners should be guaranteed a playoff spot, not a high seed. Then what value is winning the division? This is basically saying the divisions are a sham. Which, of course, wouldn’t be the end of the world. I’m guessing that we may see this partially fixed in the offseason. I’ve recently had the chance to talk to some people about the scheduling setup because I’ve written about […]

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Is it time to do away with fighting in hockey?

Kudos to Commissioner Bettman: Fighting not up for debate: Bettman: Commissioner Gary Bettman said Monday the NHL isn’t going to debate the issue of fighting in hockey, but admitted the league may have to find a better way to protect its hulking players from fighting-related injuries. The quick answer on fighting in hockey is — it stays. However, the league has to figure out how to stop the stretchers, and we’ve had a serious string of players carried off on stretchers this season after fights (one TWICE). As Bettman makes clear, as has Colin Campbell (who’s been widely misinterpreted as […]

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Go for the Win

Kuklas Korner: Gary Thorne: Third periods should be all-out attempts to win close games, not attempts not to lose. The pressure is there for teams that need points to shut down the offense in tied third periods, especially if they have the personnel to win the shootout. I keep thinking that the answer is to downplay the shootout, but not do away with it. How’s this sound? Extend overtime to 10 minutes. There’s a very good chance of a goal within ten minutes. Winner gets two points, loser gets zero. Then go to a shootout. Only — winner gets ONE […]

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Kuklas Korner: Where’s the union?

Kuklas Korner: Despite a number of injuries in the past few years as a result of illegal or malicious play by fellow union members, the union’s only action — in marked contrast to similar bodies in soccer and football — has been to represent the assailants at disciplinary hearings. “The N.H.L.P.A. will be reviewing and checking hits to the head with our membership at our annual player meetings this summer,” the union’s director of hockey affairs, Mike Gartner, said Friday in an e-mail message. Well, I hope someone else in the union remembers to take this up, now that Gartner’s […]

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a quick note on the sharks at the trade deadline…

woo-hoo! I like the deals, all three of them. Rivet for Gorges and parts. Guerin for Niemmenen and parts. And as I predicted, the Sharks traded a goalie, only it was Nolan Schaeffer, For two bags of pucks, more or less. The two players off the roster: Gorges and Niemmenen. Gorges was a solid and amazingly hard working Defenseman, but showed himself at times to be outmatched. he tried, but he couldn’t always make it happen. He’s definitely a 5th or 6th D on pretty much any NHL team, but not much more. Rivet is clearly an upgrade, and the […]

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A phrase to live by…

When I was talking to the pulmonary nurse about the CPAP, I made an off-the-cuff statement that amused both of us, but the more I think about it, the more I think it’s something I really like. I know Jason’s been really pushing the fatblogging meme, and I’m following it with interest and some enthusiasm, although I haven’t formally bought into it yet. Of course, there’s nothing new under the sun — once again, I’m a bit ahead of the curve. (and yes, I’m 30 pounds heaviler 3 years later than that abortive attempt. This is — really — why […]

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(Wheeze) Luke (Wheeze) I AM your father…. (love me, love my CPAP)

The latest in geek fashion: A couple of weeks ago, I said this: Chuqui 3.0: About Me: And we’ve been chasing something that’s popped up since I left Apple — I’ve been having some intermitted periods where I simply don’t have any energy. It’s not tired or fatigue, it’s just sudden drop-outs of my energy levels. Because of this, I’m going to be doing an apnea sleep study next week, although I don’t believe that’s “it”, with my weight, it’s a logical next step to check and (hopefully) eliminate (or deal with). Yesterday, I got the results of the apnea […]

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Tom Benjamin’s NHL Weblog: About the Donnybrook

Tom Benjamin’s NHL Weblog: About the Donnybrook: # Bill Masterton died when his head slammed against the ice. It could have happened to Chris Drury. The league has to quit dodging these bullets. We need a rule that says, “Players can’t play if their helmets come off. They must proceed directly to the bench.” The result would be securely attached helmets. I agree with Tom in principle, but the reality is that in leagues where I’ve seen this rule in effect (for instance, the old, unlamented roller hockey international), strategic removal of a helmet became a continuing problem. Another option […]

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