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Chicago 4, San Jose 2. Ouch

Chicago nicely beat the Sharks last night. Good game for the Hawks, one of the teams that’s is always impressing me. The Sharks looked sluggish, but in reality, the Hawks outplayed them, I give more credit to Chicago than I take away from San Jose. I think the Sharks really missed Boyle’s ability to carry the puck last night, but the real issue was the Hawks aggressively pursuing the puck and aggressive breakout. the Sharks fought to deal with it all game. Weird game; Hawks lost a goal to a double-minor high stick called by a linesman in the first. […]

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Sharks 2, Vancouver 1 in overtime

And to think I could have stayed home and watched paint dry…. What can you say? Last game before the All-Star break, and a whole lotta “I don’t want to spend the break in a hot tub” broke out. Vancouver got a goal early on a really good shot on one of their few offensive chances in the first, and went into an 0-5 and tried to hold the lead for the rest of the game. The Sharks played like they really didn’t care much one way or another. spent lots of time in the offensive zone, little time actually […]

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My thoughts on the Winter Classic

Okay, now that my Guardian piece is up and the ensuing circus has subsided a bit, I have some time to reflect on the Winter Classic. I loved it. I loved every single minute of it. It was a great event — and it was a really good hockey game. With a little help from some friends (you know who you are; I’ll be over to mow the lawn tomorrow!) we were able to get Laurie a ticket to the game, and she flew in on the 31st and home today — and she had a great time also. Watching […]

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