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On concussions in hockey

The NHL All-Concussion Team would win a lot of games – Puck Daddy: You’re probably well aware that concussions have become something of an epidemic in the NHL over the past few years. It’s not like nobody’s talking about it. But just recently, the epidemic has taken a nasty turn, targeting star players with sudden aplomb. It’s almost as though the brains of NHL superstars need a tough guy. It’s not just Sidney Crosby anymore. The injury list is littered with big names. Suddenly, it seems, concussion talk is everywhere around hockey. I’ve been having multiple discussions with people I […]

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Doug Wilson: “We believe in this group and we believe in this staff”

Doug Wilson: “We believe in this group and we believe in this staff” | Working the Corners: And GM Doug Wilson, who never comments directly on any kind of speculation, still managed to make it crystal clear that he supports his coach.   “We believe in this group and we believe in this staff,” Wilson said. “We look forward to this team playing up to its capabilities.” If you watched the game Tuesday, you undoubtedly heard the pointed criticism of the Sharks by the Versus analyst tandem of Mike Milbury and Keith Jones. Some of their comments about the Sharks’ […]

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What’s been going on…

Thanks for your patience while I was having my little fun here on the blog. hopefully you were at least somewhat amused. Perhaps your curiosity piqued a bit. If you haven’t figured it out (perhaps by reading this article or even noticed that I made Techcruch for some reason I can’t fathom) today was my last day at HP/Palm/webOS GBU. Because we didn’t announce that I was leaving until the day before it happened, I couldn’t exactly talk about it here on the blog. I felt talking about unrelated stuff was — it just seemed wrong to carry on about […]

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