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Community Manager with a strong technical background. Amateur photographer with a strong interest in birds, animals and landscapes. Birdwatcher. Author and Blogger. Those are not the same thing. Person with Opinions. 17 years at Apple didn't kill me. It made me stronger.

I got a rock.

HP proxy: Ray Lane’s $10 million plus comp and other fun facts: Lane, who became executive chairman of HP on September 22, 2011 (he had been non-executive chairman since November 1, 2010, the start of HP’s FY 2011)  logged more than $10 million in total compensation — the bulk of it in stock and options – for the fiscal year, according to the HP proxy. Other highlights from the proxy: Meg Whitman who famously took the HP CEO position in September for $1 in salary, gets $16 million in stock and options. Former CEO Leo Apotheker walked away with $30.4 […]

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A quick look at January….

1/12th of the year is gone already. How time flies when you’re having fun… I apologize for the quiet on the blog the last week. Blame it on a rhino-virus, which took just enough out of me to make sitting on the couch a lot more attractive than other options. Tonight I’m back off sedated, off the Aftrin, energy levels almost back to normal, so I thought I’d check in and remind folks I’m alive. I’m into my sixth week at the new gig, and things seem to be progressing well. It’s been this whirlwind of meeting folks, listening to […]

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Does my favorite author now have to spend a couple hours a day on Facebook?

January 24, 2012 | Trent Nelson | Photojournalist: Tech people keep saying that artists can make it without the distribution systems, and they all trot out Jonathan Coulton as the example of someone who has made it on his own (by the way, he’s amazing). He offers his music for free, or you can buy it, and he does great. Hooray, there’s one guy making it. One guy. Okay, you can add Radiohead and Louis CK, but both made their reputations over years in the old media system and only now have the power to make independent new media work. […]

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