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Tom Benjamin’s NHL Weblog: About the Donnybrook

Tom Benjamin’s NHL Weblog: About the Donnybrook: # Bill Masterton died when his head slammed against the ice. It could have happened to Chris Drury. The league has to quit dodging these bullets. We need a rule that says, “Players can’t play if their helmets come off. They must proceed directly to the bench.” The result would be securely attached helmets. I agree with Tom in principle, but the reality is that in leagues where I’ve seen this rule in effect (for instance, the old, unlamented roller hockey international), strategic removal of a helmet became a continuing problem. Another option […]

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The Future of Communities Blog – Your comments are mostly a waste of time :)

The Future of Communities Blog » Blog Archive » Your comments are mostly a waste of time :): Most people have been told that in several studies only 90% of your community members are lurkers, 9% contribute something and the remaining 1% really account for most of the action. There are several angles that have been discussed about this in great detail. Still the question that we deal with on a daily basis is: Here are some approaches: 1. Focus your efforts on the 1% and help them by making it easier to contribute. Compelling argument: Focus on the what […]

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These Two Teams Don’t Like Each Other

These Two Teams Don’t Like Each Other: However, I remembered a distinction you made a week ago between players who have a history of attempts to hurt (such as Scott Stevens) and players who have a history of attempts to injure (Bryan Marchment). I guess my question is: Was Chris Neil attempting to hurt or injure Chris Drury? Dave Comstock brings up a good point in the comments, that I felt ought to be part of a posting (and the RSS). Now, my thoughts here: given I saw no sign of Neil leaving his feet, raising his elbow, using his […]

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Validating Email Addresses

Validating Email Addresses – The Daily WTF: The format for e-mail addresses is specified in a number of RFCs; it’s a pet peeve of mine when people “validate” away perfectly valid addresses, for instance: websites that think all domains end in .com, .net, .edu, or .org; and agents that refuse to transfer mail with a + in the local-part. To that end, I wrote my own regular expression that (I believe) follows the specification, which I’ll share below. here’s what I use (in perl). there are a few things in the RFC it doesn’t handle, but they’re things nobody seems […]

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The 2007 goals…

I realize it’s mid-february, but given in the past years I never got around to this until well after Macworld, anyway… I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what I want to accomplish moving forward. 2006 was about trying to make the lifestyle changes I felt I needed to make within the context of Apple, and when I couldn’t, make the decision to move on. 2007 is about taking advantage of the opportunities the move have given me, and moving forward. I wanted to really refine my goals for this next year or so, not overdo it and screw […]

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three months!

It’s weird — it seems almost like yesterday that I started my new job. I keep meaning to talk about it a little, and now I’m sitting here three months (and a bit more) in — and way overdue at posting here about things. It’s a nice, quiet, bachelor weekend. Laurie’s up in Yosemite on a photo and hiking trip, taking a few days off. I’ll probably go up in late march, maybe early april, after her last surgery and when she’s recovered. This gave her a chance to get some R&R in before the next round (and honestly, with […]

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Head-hunting a growing problem

Head-hunting a growing problem: Detroit Red Wings defenceman Andreas Lilja elbowed Flyers star Simon Gagne in the head, so Philadelphia defenceman Denis Gauthier confronted Lilja, pummelling him to the ice in retaliation, while Gagne collected his senses. It’s a hockey ritual that scores high on the sticking-up-for-your-teammate testosterone scale, but does nothing whatsoever to address the issue of dangerous hits to the head. If this sort of vigilante on-ice, heat-of-battle response is meant to act as a deterrent, then why do we see the initial hits so often? Because (hint) it’s not a deterrent. Because all it means to the […]

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Off Wing Opinion: Grappling With “The Code”

Off Wing Opinion: Grappling With “The Code”: Eric responds to my comments on “the code” with some good questions: What about Major League Baseball? Didn’t Ozzie Guillen blow a gasket just last season when one of his pitchers refused to retaliate in a beanball exchange? That pitcher, Sean Tracey, was demoted to the minor leagues after the incident. If any hockey player failed to come through the way that Tracey did for the White Sox, I don’t have any doubt he’d be on a shuttle bus back to the AHL — perhaps even before the game ended. Point taken, although […]

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