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Community Manager with a strong technical background. Amateur photographer with a strong interest in birds, animals and landscapes. Birdwatcher. Author and Blogger. Those are not the same thing. Person with Opinions. 17 years at Apple didn't kill me. It made me stronger.

how time flies…

How time flies when you’re having fun. It was four years ago that I left Apple after 17 years to go do something else.  I announced my decision in July, and spent eight weeks transitioning, and in September 2006 walked out of Apple for the last time and into — well, at the time, I had no idea what I was going to do. Something different. I redid my blog into Chuqui 3.0, and four years later, again for my birthday, redid it again into its current form. I tried my damndest to get hired by Yahoo! at the time. It’s […]

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A funny thing happened on the way to going pro…

A long time ago in a galaxy far away — way back in 2005 — I made a decision to get serious about my photography and see if I could go pro in the field as my “career 2.0″, either full-time or as part of something other than working high tech. That’s easy to say. Making it happen? That’s the hard part. but when I sat down to figure out a path between that starting point and making the decision to make it happen, I came up with a long list of things that needed to be done. But if […]

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Why I’ve been away from the blog…

Apologies for the radio silence recently. For once, I have a good excuse. Two weeks ago, I decided that, since there wasn’t a hockey game on, I’d go out for a walk. First night since the playoffs started nothing was on, Laurie was on her road trip somewhere on the way back from Chicago, the weather was nice, and I hadn’t picked up a camera in days. So off to Shoreline I go, thinking maybe i’d try to do some swallow photography and see if the cliff swallows were nesting yet (answer: just starting). And while walking out towards adobe […]

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