Month: May 2002

Sharks in 2002-2003 part 2

Not exactly “I’ll do the forwards in a separate message” as I original said I would, but a question came up that (I think) neatly answers my thoughts on the forwards, so rather than write it a second time,...

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First Thoughts on 2002-2003

Now that the season is over for the sharks (arrgghhh!!!!!!!!), I find myself increasingly drained of energy. Much of me wants to just sit down, relax, and not care who wins the cup. Don’t worry, I’ll get over it. But...

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2002 round three predictions

Leafs in 6. The Canes aren’t the walkover people keep insisting they are, but I think the Leafs will ultimately win out here. Avs in 5. Gut check here, but I think the Avs and Roy are starting to roll, and I don’t...

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