Month: May 2006

Conference Finals projections

My conference final predictions…. But first, round 2: Edmonton/San Jose (SJ: nope) Colorado/Anaheim (Anaheim: yup) Ottawa/Buffalo (Ottawa: nope) New Jersey/Carolina (Carolina: nope) 1-3. um… yeah. thanks, anaheim,...

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Game four goes to edmonton

The Battle of Alberta: I think Chopper speaks for all Oil fans when he says:It would be more enjoyable if we were up in the series,” said Moreau. “But I love this hockey – it’s great, it’s fast,...

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Round 2 predictions

My Round 2 predictions…. But first, a look back at Round 1. I picked: Detroit/Edmonton: Detroit in 5 Dallas/Colorado: Dallas in 6 Calgary/Anaheim: Calgary in 6 San Jose/Nashville: San Jose in 6. (that makes me, um, 1-3 in...

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