Today, for the first time, reality set in a bit. I’ve resigned, and I’m now working on stuff only to transition it. A bit of the “boy, I’m tired” has kicked in.

At work, people are starting to hear about it and I’m gratified by the responses I’m getting — and the support. I’m focusing on one final special project that needs to get done, and other than that, it’s transition and transition issues and transition training. I’m being turned into a podcast; we’re spending a few hours a day with the current team, the team members being brought in to help, and various others while I get videotaped explaining the system and walking folks through it. 7 hours of talking this week, and we’re finally through the 30,000 foot level and starting to drill down.

In my spare time, I’m trying to write up docs, bugs, features, and whatever else pops into my head that needs to be in someone else’s brain sooner or later.

On the home front, I finally got the plants I got for my birthday planted.Photos shortly, and even though it got a bit delayed by heat and work and a quick trip south (last weekend was my mother’s birthday, I surprised her by driving to LA and spending Saturday with the family; it was brutally hot, of course, but so was the bay area — I think we all now understand what hell will be like…. And it was 115 on the car thermometer when I hit camp roberts, and I drove 101 because it wasn’t as hot as 5 would be. whimper). I’m also working on getting other projects moving again, or at least know what needs to be done. But at least stuff’s happening.

And on the new job front: one interview this week, which I thought went pretty well (I’m a bit rusty….); intriguing opportunity, so we’ll see how it goes. had a couple of other folks want to talk, but they were all at OSCON (and I wasn’t! whine), so it was hard to get things started. And to those of you who’ve asked for my resume (now online, but I’m not publishing the URL right now) or offering suggestions — thank you! I’ve also started doing the searches, using both SimplyHired (which I really like) and Yahoo Hotjobs — and dumped my resume on about ten Yahoo jobs. Be interesting to see if anything happens there, given recent financial results and stuff.

Interesting side note on the interview: it is with a company (that shall remain nameless for now) that employs the person who hired me into my current position at Apple. In fact, though, even though he hired me, I never actually worked for him. And he’s not involved in the current hiring, either. As I like to say, in silicon valley, there are only six of us, and we all moonlight. Or so it seems, given it’s almost impossible to run into a company where you don’t know someone in the industry….

It’s still really early in the process. two more weeks @ Mama Apple, the off to — well, I don’t know yet. But I’m starting to understand the possibilities, although one possibility is to find myself a barista at Starbucks because I’m otherwise completely unemployable… But even if that happens, it wouldn’t be so bad. think of the people I’d meet (and it pays better than being a Wal-Mart greeter)