Today is my last day as an Apple employee. I’ve been trying to track down and say “thanks” to as many of the folks I’ve gotten to know over the years as I can, but seeing everyone is simply impossible, so I bet the list’s indulgence for a bit.

As the time arrives for me to start the next leg of this journey, I felt it

necessary to say thank you to some of the people here that made this place so special.

I arrived to a copy of Odyssey and a T-shirt. Now, almost 18 years later, I leave having

spent almost half my life on this planet at Apple. It’s not often you have the chance

to change the world and make it better; Apple is a company that has found a way to do

that many times. To watch it happen, to be part of the process, is a privilege and a joy.

I’m proud of the work that I’ve done over the years to help make Apple the kind of

company that could change the world.

From one round peg to another, all I can say is — thank you. Thank you for the

opportunity to make a difference, and thank you most of all for being part of something

that has made me a much better and stronger person for being a part of it.

My path and Apple’s diverge, but only slightly. Apple will likely not even notice

the loss; I carry with me a love and respect for the company and its purpose, and most

important, I carry with me the memories and the people and the friendships that

made this a special place for me.It’s amazing to look back and realize how few years

separate the MacPlus and the MacPro, from the Newton to the Nano, from

MacDraw to Aperture and iTunes.

Thank you for making this place the kind of place you want to give a damn about, and

be a part of. Be true to your purpose, but more important, be true to yourself. Never

forget that it’s not about the tech or the toys or the geek words, but about the people; the

people both inside Apple and around us.

Maybe we have to be crazy.

How else can we stare at an empty canvas and see a work of art?

Or sit in silence and hear a song that’s never been written?

Think Different.

Please keep in touch!

Chuq Von Rospach


(as of 3PM, it will be no longer my fault….)