Apologies for not posting this sooner (as I’d said I would), had some things come up this weekend that needed my attention: a bit of a firedrill, now under control.

So, I’m happy to announce that I’ve accepted a position with StrongMail, as their new Professional Services Architect. I’ll be working both pre- and post-sales on helping design solutions connecting customer data systems and processes to take advantage of StrongMail technologies, and also working with customers on how to improve and update their email communications strategies and systems. It really is a rare opportunity, I think, for me to help companies understand that e-mail is an important part of a customer relationship, and not just a tool for blasting marketing messages at eyeballs. I’m going to be reporting into the VP of Customer Services there, and working throughout the company on things as needed.

Strongmail is a company that’s working on Email backend systems. You very likely receive email sent via StrongMail on a regular basis — their customer list includes Netflix, Fox Sports, Ticketmaster, WebEx, Univision and Williams Sonoma. Strongmail’s primary funder is Sequoia Capital, along with Evercore and Globespan Capital.

I had a couple of other job offers pending, which I hated to turn down, but when given an option of “London? Or Madrid for dinner?” you can’t be in both places. For me, what finally made the decision was the chance to work with external customers and help solve problems across a range of companies, as well as a chance to really help influence how this all moves forward in the e-mail space.

I’ll start 11/6, and I gotta say, I’m truly jazzed.