Those of you looking for pearls of wisdom about the new gig, be aware. I’m imposing a strict firewall between the “work me” and the “me me”, partly because it’s the only way to keep things sane and remotely tidy, and partly because I’ve learned the hard way that too many folks have trouble understanding the difference between “the guy who blogs and happens to work for foo” and “the foo blogger”. Since I’m now going to be both, the only way to avoid some inevitable and painful commentaries is to not go there.

Which doesn’t mean we aren’t going to be talking about that stuff. Just not while “off duty”. Which if you understand these things at all, you’ll know makes endless sense. Not that common sense was ever a strong point for me…

So if you’re interested in the work stuff, you need to head over here (update: don’t bother, it’s dead, jim):

  • Palm Developer Network
  • Palm Developer Network Blog

We’re working feverishly to start delivering new and interesting content and “other stuff”, and when it’s ready, that’s where it’ll show up. And I’m trying to pull together the other things we want to help build the developer community and give t what it needs to thrive and make us all rich and happy.

I’ll meet you over there. I’ll be the one in the red carnation.