Before the season, I (as usual) predicted the season results for the western conference. this year I didn’t do the eastern due to lack of time. But how did I do?

My guaranteed playoff teams?

  • Sharks
  • Detroit
  • Calgary
  • Dallas
  • Anaheim

Sharks and Detroit? yes (duh). Calgary? Just missed winning the conference to Vancouver, finished 6th. Dallas? well, um, no. And Anaheim is in, but in 8th (and playing the Sharks).

Bubble Teams:

  • Minnesota
  • Edmonton
  • Nashville
  • Chicago
  • Columbus
  • Colorado
  • Vancouver

The good news is that three of my bubble teams made it in,t he bad news is none of the ones I picked for 6-7-8 did. In reality, I only picked four of the 8 western playoff teams. Not a good year for me. Nashville JUST missed, but that doesn’t count.

Picking St. Louis out of the playoffs. Ding. better luck next year, but who knew?

All in all? A so so year. Let’s see how I handle the playoffs.