I have a new toy. I have been going back and forth on this since Thanksgiving, but finally gave in and got myself the new Epson SureColor P400 printer. This is replacing my now retired R2880. This device is currently about $600 on Amazon but as of today comes with a $100 rebate from Epson.

It can handle 13″ wide paper, so my favorite 11×14 and 13×19 print sizes are right in its wheelhouse. This is an 8 ink printer and uses two blacks (Photo and matte), Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Red, Orange and a Gloss Optimizer cartridge to generate prints. It’s interesting how they’ve shifted around the ink mix in the printer generations since the 2880, with the emphasis on the orange for improved skin tones instead of the light/muted versions of the core colors.

Setting it up was straight forward. One reason I ultimately went with it is that this unit, unlike the R2880, supports wi-fi, so I can place it on the back wall of the office and not worry about stringing a USB cable to it. If you prefer, it does support USB and also wired ethernet, but I’ve become a big fan of the wireless capability. It also allows you to print CDs and run roll paper through it, neither of which I expect to ever use (but you never know with the rolls)

I am just starting to run paper through this thing and haven’t yet calibrated it to my system, but in limited tests, I’ve been very impressed with the output. More later on this once I’ve had a chance to put some of my painful prints through it and see how it handles them.