One thing that I’m starting to see are experiments in higher protein snacks. This is a good thing in its way, since I think it’s a hint that the fast food companies are starting to plan their way away from the current high-carb processed food mentality.

The bad news (for me) is that many of these snacks use nuts as a key protein source, meaning they’re off the table for me, and the rest are chiller case products that need refrigeration, meaning it’s not something I can stash in the car in case I need a quick something on the road.

But I’m also looking for stuff I can pack for road trips, so I decided to try one of these new protein packs and see who it was. the one I chose was the P3 Portable Protein Pack (from Kraft’s Oscar Mayer division), which is 4 chicken pieces and a toasted sesame dipping sauce. Nutritionally it’s 120 calories a container with 11 grams of protein, 11 grams of carb and 3 grams of fat. This is misleading, however, because it assumes you use all of the dipping sauce when you eat this.

You won’t. I used maybe 5% of the dipping sauce. There are four small pieces of white meat chicken in the container. the chicken is moist, because it’s been brined, and a bit rubbery, again because it’s been brined, and without much discernible flavor (because it’s chicken) despite the teriyaki seasoning they mention, but they do come across as a bit — slimy. The dipping sauce is, as best as I can describe it, generic out of a can chinese restaurant sauce.

On the delicious scale from I will eat this every day for the rest of my life to did not finish, called Hazmat team, I place this firmly at things you eat as a wrestler trying to make weight.

And if you are a wrestler trying to make weight, I would suggest you’re better off (and it’ll be cheaper) grabbing one of the deli packs of sliced turkey and eating it with some string cheese and maybe a rice cake or a tortilla.

The 120 calorie count for the package is misleading, since only about 45 calories of that is the chicken, and unless you like drinking the sugar and high yield corn syrup laden dipping sauce, you’re going to leave most of the calories in the package (where they honestly belong).

These are very expensive for what you get, not really that interesting to eat, and there are much better options sitting in the same deli aisle. I’m a bit disappointed in Kraft that something they label as a protein pack has less than half its calories from protein, but honestly, I’m not surprised.

So, these protein packs? Pass them by — even a Lunchables box is a better option nutritionally, and that’s not saying much.

And the search goes on…