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About Occam’s Fireaxe

Occam’s Fireaxe is a podcast by Internet veteran and two-time Hugo Award nominated Chuq Von Rospach. Every two weeks Chuq will have a short discussion on a topic of the day and review a new book that’s caught his fancy. You can talk to Chuq at https://www.chuqui.com on twitter at @chuq, or leave this podcast feedback on twitter using #occamsfireaxe.

The goal is to publish an episode every two weeks, each about 15 minutes long, with a review of a book I’ve read or listened to — mostly Science Fiction or Fantasy, but occasionally something non-fiction because I have a strong interest in military history and biography as well. There will also be a short commentary on some topic of the day, hopefully one that ties into the book in some way.

About this episode

Welcome to episode 1 of Occam’s Fireaxe, a new podcast from two-time Hugo Award nominated internet veteran Chuq Von Rospach. Every two weeks Occam’s Fireaxe will bring you a review of a book that’s caught his fantasy as well as some quick commentary on a topic of the day. You can find Chuq at https://www.chuqui.com, on twitter as @chuq, and please send us feedback via twitter at #occamsfireaxe.

Things noted in this episode:

Some background on Occam’s Fireaxe

This has been one of my back-burner projects for a while. I’ve known I wanted to do a podcast, because it’s an interesting content format that I wanted to explore, and I wanted to figure out the technical aspects of it because I feel in the work I do, being able to produce this kind of content is increasingly important, and I liek creating personal projects as testing grounds for things I expect will end up as work projects, because if I screw up a personal project, nobody dies and nothing significantly bad happens. And besides, I’m always looking for new ways to create and distribute content I create. I’ve had the podcast name, graphic assets and other support pieces in place for — seriously — six months, waiting for a topic worth doing.

Unfortunately, I had no idea what I wanted to put in a podcast that I remotely believed might have an audience. I could always do a personal journal-like thing, but, well, why should anyone care? So I sat on the podcast idea until I could figure out a content idea that I liked.

At the same time, I’ve been trying to convince myself to get serious about reviewing things regularly again, like I did back when I was publishing OtherRealms. The problem: I didn’t see it as innovative or new; and the thought of writing text-based reviews kind of bored me, so I never was able to start doing it on a schedule.

And over the weekend, I had this thought: what if I used the podcast to review books? Explore a new technology (for me) and emerging content space and do reviews in a new and different way for me to do it?

It all fell into place, and here we are four days later, and Occam’s Fireaxe is now live and waiting for you to listen to it and tell me how badly I did it (because it’s the first episode, and I know every place where I stumbled over a word or edited it badly….)

The other thing I realized I need to do here: I needed to write the script for it before recording it, because if I tried to wing it, it’d suck (and trust me, the first couple of tries at winging it, I sucked). Scripting out what I wanted to say made it relatively easy to create the recording, which made it relatively easy to edit in Logic Pro, which is nice, because I have a steep learning curve left in that app. But still, it now exists and I didn’t freak and delete it all before showing it to you…. Barely.

Of course, I came out of the recording nervous and wondering if I had even ten minutes of material, and after editing, we’re at 24 minutes, so.. Okay, I need to be tighter next time. Or maybe not. We’ll see what the natural length of these are, but I’m thinking 15 minutes is about optimal.

I think it’s a nice start. I think it can get a lot better — but you can’t get better if you don’t start somewhere. And so we have…

And thanks for taking a listen..

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