We got to take Manon in for her checkup and vaccines, which is always a fun adventure.

When the vet came in this visit, she brought in a small spray bottle, sprayed a bit on the examination table, rubbed it in and then rubbed her hands together. This caught my attention, so I asked her about it.

It’s something new they’re trying, a product called Feliway. It is a pheromone spray that is supposed to calm and relax cats — it’s effectively happy spray. They also have a version for dogs. In the vets office, they find it really can reduce the amount of stress (and stress reaction) they see with the animals, but she said they also have people using it to help with introduction of new cats into a house, and for people who have problems with cat spraying, if you spray the area with the Feliway, you ought to see the cat more likely to face rub than spray.

While my experience with it is very limited, Manon was almost relaxed during the examination, which was — refreshing. And very mellow on the way home, taking a nap instead of pounding on the carrier door demanding her exit now.

So for my many friends with cats I can only say — you may find this an intersting thing to experiment with. Amazon (link above) sells it, both as a spray and as a diffuser, so if you have a multi-cat household that often acts like a frat, maybe, just maybe, it might quiet the chaos a bit.

Fascinating stuff, and it seems like an interest new technique for limiting the stress for your animal in a stressful situation…