(I’ve been playing submarine again, for which I apologize. Among the reasons for this is I have my head down in Swift again, and as I’ve moved forward in picking up the language I’ve been putting some time into formalizing the design of the app I’m going to build as my first Swift project. I thought you might find this introduction a bit of fun to give you an idea of what I’m trying to accomplish with this project.


Dungeon Delve is a modern imagination of the classic dungeon crawler Rogue. Rogue was a text based dungeon crawl game that ran on Unix where you controlled an adventurer through many dungeon levels in search of the Amulet of Vendor, and then had to get out alive. You controlled it with keystrokes on the keyboard, since back in the 1980s, that’s all we had.

There have been ports of rogue to modern computers before including both the Macintosh and the iPad. All of the ones I’ve looked at have been disappointing, because the keyboard mechanics are very dated and attempts to “do rogue but with a mouse” just didn’t work for me in terms of usability.

Dungeon Delve is therefore not an attempt to recreate Rogue on MacOS, but to reinvent it as a modern game while staying true to the original gameplay and the things that made it fun. It was, at its core, a brain-dead dungeon crawler “if it moves kill it” game.

So the goal is to create something you can waste some time on, have fun, don’t have to over-think the strategy, and kill fantasy monsters without the gore of many modern games.

The story of Dungeon Delve

You are Fnord, warrior of the Marowan tribe and member of the infamous Tattered Kilts mercenaries. Shortly after arriving in the kingdom of Mercia you are summoned before King Wuthius, who has a bit of a problem.

The royal scepter Fellinius, the symbol of the King's reign, was stolen. The spring festival is weeks away, and if the King doesn't have possession of it for the festival, he may be replaced and killed.

Worse, the scepter was stolen from the thieves by the legendary dragon Theracter, who carried it deep into his lair in the Dungeon of Doom. Multiple attempts to r cover it have failed and none of those who've ventured into the dungeon have returned.

The king offers you the opportunity to enter the dungeon and recover the scepter. If you succeed, you will be rewarded handsomely. If you decline, the bowmen situated around the perimeter of the throne room will riddle you with arrows until you fall down and stop moving. Thinking that waiting as long as possible to die being the better option, you enthusiastically accept the kings generous offer and are escorted to the entrance of the dungeon to begin your journey.

Dungeon Delve Gameplay

Dungeon Delve is a form of side scroller, where you maneuver your adventurer through rooms and passages through a level until you find the stairs that take you down to the next level. Along the way you'll meet the residents of the dungeon, most of which want to kill and possibly eat you.. You would prefer that not happen.

When you start the dungeon you’ll be carrying your standard warrior gear and armor plus some basic supplies. As you move through the dungeon you’ll be able to find gear and supplies that may (or may not) improve your chances of surviving down here. You can, of course, loot the bodies of anything you kill to see if they have useful items or gold as well. And who knows? You might even find someone willing to buy your extra gear or have items they’re willing to sell you for the right price.

Eventually — assuming you survive — you’ll find stairs down to a deeper level of the dungeon, where you’ll meet ever tougher and hungrier monsters. Ultimately, you’ll find the entrance to Theracter’s lair and enter for the final battle and your ultimate glory (or death).