The other day I was having a conversations with some photographers and I suggested one way to track your progress and get some insight into your photography would be to sit down and select 25 images that you think define your photography.

I thought it was an interesting enough concept that I decided to try it. What I found, going through the images, was that it was more about defining who I am than what I shoot. I found the process fascinating and it changed how I view some of my imagery.

My initial select was 70 images. It was fairly easy to get it down to 40. It was incredibly tough to get it down to 30. At that point, though, the narrative that wound from image to image was clear to me, so the last five edits were obvious.

I’d love to see other photographers try this and post the collection and their thoughts. When I first brought it up, most of the feedback was variations of “that would be hard”, which is really the point. Being forced to make decisions is a way to help you understand what matters to you and why. It may surprise you what you learn. Actually, it should.

Nerdy details

I keep working on this new video format. I’m liking the results. For this one the audio was captured in Audio Hijack, Edited in Logic, and then everything assembled and the video created by Fotomagico 5. I’m about 90% happy with the quality of the audio, but I still need to work on my pacing and breathing; I found myself speeding up half way through and starting to make mistakes, and had to back off, slow down and force myself to pace things better. As I keep doing this, though, it gets easier and more natural, which is good. For those curious, for these kind of things I’ll write and polish the script first, then record the audio off the script. I’m sure there are people out there that can wing something like that, I’m not one of them.

And I’m almost getting to the point where I don’t hate hearing my recorded voice. Almost…