Yesterday was the Solar Eclipse. Here in Silicon Valley we didn’t get totality, but we did get about 75% coverage. I looked at traveling into totality, and decided the cost/hassle made staying home seem okay, so for this eclipse, I commuted out to my front driveway, Laurie and I set up chairs and the camera, and shot images from the beginning until close to the end when the camera battery gave out.

I’m pretty happy with the results. I learned how I could do it better next time, too, but I think this is pretty nice.

I also made sure I had a spare few sets of eclipse glasses, because one reason I set up in the driveway was to encourage neighbors to look, and it worked. I had a number come over to visit, and we had a great talk, and I handed out a number of glasses to them, and I did a little evangelizing about the eclipse. a good time was had by all.

It also looks like the worst worries about problems and traffic issues didn’t happen, which is good. Somehow, these things seem to work out. Perhaps all of the worries kept some people from making that last minute trip without planning ahead? In any event, other than the inevitable weather issues, I didn’t see a lot of problems in the information stream for the eclipse around the country.