I was going to write a piece on Apple’s new Sport Loop, but Mikah Sargent at iMore wrote a really good one first. Please go read Apple Watch Sport Loop: an up close look at the new Midnight Blue band.

I agree with everything he says. I picked up the black band, have been wearing it for a couple of days, and I find the material is similar to that of the nylon bands but softer. The black band has the smallest bit of irridescence to it, so it has a hint of some color to it. I find the connection to be secure, and if it does pop loose, the end of the band is thickened to it will catch and not open fully, meaning the watch isn’t going to fall off the wrist without you knowing it.

Amazing detail in the creation, comfortable and pretty. I’m likely to buy a second one soon, and it seems like it’ll be my new default band.

P.S. If you have very large wrists, this will be a good band for you. I have wrists where many bands don’t fit and a few barely fit (the Nylon bands hook into the second hole), and this handles my wrist with about half an inch to spare.