One of new features announced for the Apple Watch in WatchOS 4 was that the pulse monitor would be watching for unexplained high pulse rates and warn the user about them.

Well, I’ve now seen that warning in action. Unfortunately, I wasn’t wearing the watch at the time.

Here’s the scenario I ran into: I put the watch on the charging dock and went to bed. When I got up in the morning, I grabbed it, put it on and unlocked it. It immediately fired off a large number (at least 30) notifications about the high pulse warnings, which surprised the heck out of me.

Once the watch settled down and I was able to clear the notifications I did some snooping. The activity monitor showed that the watch was active all night, evidently thinking that I was still wearing it, although the stand monitor showed zero hours standing (instead of showing those hours as inactive). The charge level also indicated that the watch wasn’t charging overnight.

What happened? It looks like the watch didn’t properly seat on the watch so it didn’t charge, and that kept it from going into inactive mode. So it seems to have kept watching my pulse, and for some reason, however it did that was triggered by the dock to think that my pulse was over 120bpm during some of the checks.

No real harm here other than a bit of a WTF moment, but I thought I’d mention it in hopes others who might run into this with their watches won’t freak out if it happens.

I have had a couple of nights where the watch didn’t seem to seat properly and charge since I’ve shifted to the sport band, but as far as I can tell, it’s coincidental but it’s something I will keep an eye on. Or given the time of night I’m going to sleep, half an eye…

Fun with all of the new releases

I’ve upgraded all of my devices to IOS 11 (or the watch and tv equivalent) or High Sierra’s GM candidate. The upgrades all went off without a hitch, and so far, everything seems pretty solid and stable. I have had one springboard reboot on the iPad, but that’s it for IOS.

On High Sierra, I ran into a problem where audio over bluetooth to the QC35s would fail after about 10 seconds consistently. I finally rebooted and the problem went away. One other audio-related problem: my kittens hit some series of keys on the keyboard and caused the screen to freak out and at the same time I lost audio completely (and no, it wasn’t the mute button). Again, a reboot fixed the problem, and no, I don’t know what the key sequences were although they’re a big fan of turning my brightness all the way up or down.

So there seem to be a few gremlins in the system, but nothing I’ve seen I’d consider serious. Overall, it seems fine so far.