Ask any nature photographer about it, and they will tell you that one day, they wake up and look outside, and something about the air and the light tells them “fall is here”.

I had my “it’s fall” moment this week, out doing some birdwatching with a group in Coyote Valley. We had our first Say’s Phoebe, a bird that migrates into this area to winter, and the general tone of the light is telling me that Summer is fading and fall is arriving. We’re also starting to hear reports of the first Sandhill Cranes flying overhead on their way to the winter refuges.

So I declare it. It’s fall. All I can say is “Yippee” since Summer is my least favorite season. This year especially with the fires and heat. I hope the rains come soon to help get those fires put out.

In honor of it being fall, today’s photo are a pair of Snow Geese having an argument. This was shot at Colusa National Wildlife Refuge, and the refuges have started filling their ponds with water and that means soon the ponds will be filling with the winter migrants that are dependent on them (since we’ve destroyed so much of their traditional habitat by building on it).

Happy fall to all of us!

Snow Geese Fighting, Colusa National Wlidlife Refuge. One Snow Goose decides to convince another to leave the area, mostly by biting it in the butt until it left.