I’ve had a few people ping me with questions about the new job, and now that I’ve started and I’m digging in figuring it all out, I figured I’d post a quick piece on it and sharing some basic information. And because I feel like it, I’ll do it in FAQ format because it’s a real easy piece to write that way…

Q: Who are you working for?

A: I’ve gone to work for a small startup called Farsight Security, which makes security software in the DNS space. It was founded by Paul Vixie, who knows a thing or two about DNS.

Q: What are you doing there?

A: My job title is “Manager, Technical Publications”; my initial task is to sort out and get some backlogged documentation needs they have. It’s a small group (well, initially, it’s me) but over time we have ideas about where this will grow into a bigger group doing more things. But for the first few months, it’ll be me digging into geeky stuff and turning out documentation about it.

Q: Why did you take this job?

A: Because they offered it? No, more seriously, interesting products, good people, and it’s a fun challenge where I both have some unique skills to bring to it and a chance to grow and do some new things as well.

Q: Where is Farsight Security?

A: It’s based in San Mateo somewhere. Most of the employees are remote, including me, so my office is here in my home office. A nice plus for me.

Q: Will you be talking about what you’re doing?

A: no, no plans. My role’s not public facing, I’m not a spokesman, and I don’t plan on trying to be one. I’m happy to just dig in and work.

Q: Will this affect the other stuff you do like this blog?

A: Other than sucking up hours that they pay me to work for them with, no. Nothing else will change.

Q: Happy?

A: Thrilled. And to be honest, we’ve been talking about a role like this on and off for months, but it was something that couldn’t be created until recently, and while nothing was guaranteed on either side, it did allow me a chance to set a floor on the jobs I wanted to pursue, which I did. And being a free agent where I didn’t need to worry about my employer finding out (I had none!) and that I could be patient looking for exactly what I wanted. And I think I got it.

Q: Did you consider not going back to work?

A: Absolutely, if I didn’t find what I wanted to do. But I felt like I really wanted to be back in it for a few more years (at least) but not just for “a job”. I would have been happy not working rather than going back for something that didn’t thrill me. And…

Q: And?

A: Well, um, have you been looking at what the GOP has been doing to destroy our health care, screw up our taxes and destroy our chance at savings and having enough money for retirement? Right now is a good time to play it safer and I’m happy to be able to…

It almost feels like they have it out for me personally, wanting me dead by taking away my health insurance, but making sure I’m bankrupted first before I go. So yeah, it’s gotten kinda personal here, and having a job given the uncertainties they’ve created is a bit of a safety blanket. Plus, while the job market is pretty good around here right now, I’m not convinced that’s going to continue given the current policies being implemented.

Also, please make sure you vote in the 2018 elections. It’s going to be important for everyone’s voices to be heard at the polls, and we can’t take for granted that the good people will be elected and sit on the sidelines. I’m not telling you how to vote, but I do want you to educate yourself on the issues that matter for you and make an intelligent decision on who you vote for. But… vote.

Q: What about your Youtube project?

A: Nothing changes, except maybe a later launch. It was always designed to be a part time thing that could scale full time if I chose. What I keep finding is how many details I need to grapple with, and so far, the “to be done list” is growing, not shrinking.

Q: Are you happy?

A: Thrilled on many levels, and so looking forward to 2018 right now.

And thanks for being interested (assuming you read this far…)