2017 was a strange year for me photographically. I started out feeling like I was turning out crap, unmotivated, a bit burned out. I did very little photography early in the year and didn’t really miss it. As we headed into fall, however, I started thinking about shooting again, and I ultimately went down to spend a few days in Morro Bay trying to refine my love and interest in the camera.

That trip did wonders for me and I created a lot of really good work, and that really jumpstarted me back into wanting to shoot, enjoying the process and liking the work I was creating. I realized I’d allowed myself to get into bad habits and settling for what was easy and “good enough”, and that I needed to get back to trying to find the great work and not simply the good.

I think that mental shift shows in my work: all of these images were shot in August or later, and seven of them during or after that Morro Bay trip. I’ve talked about each of these works individually in the last couple of weeks, but I wanted to pull the year together and do this summary post about it as well.

Sunset at San Luis National Wildlife Refuge

Solar Eclipse Composite

Morro Bay Harbor and City Sunset

Northern Harrier, Merced National Wildlife Refuge

White-faced Ibis, Merced National Wildlife Refuge, California

Sandhill Cranes Dancing, Merced National Wildlife Refuge

Whimbrel, Jetty Road, Moss Landing Harbor, Monterey County, California

Moss Landing Harbor

Sea Otter Mom with her pup at dawn, Morro Bay Harbor

Brown Pelican, Jetty Road, Moss Landing Harbor, Monterey County, California

Morro Bay Harbor at Dawn. Panorama

I hope you had a great year photographically in 2017, and may 2018 bring you even better images.