I apologize for the lack of blogging, it’s not for lack of things to talk about. The new job has been eating my brain and by the end of the day, I’ve been mentally tired as I soak everything in and start figuring out where I can be most useful. I’m happy with where things are at and we’re showing some results, so that’s something.

I’ve also started a project that’s been on my todo list for a long time, which is I’ve entered (DUM DUM DUUUUUMMMMM) the room of death.

Okay, let me explain. We have a spare room here that at one point in its life was where the servers lived when we ran plaid works and other sites out of the back room (this was back in the age of MacOS 8 and the Apple Network Server AIX box, so it was a long time ago). When we moved all of our stuff out to hosted services, the room turned into the “put it here until we get around to deal with it” room. And as the room filled up, it went from being a storage room to a room we simply never opened the door too any more.

I’ve long thought to move my office into the room; I like the current location, but it’s open to everything, so even if I don’t mind that it can be disruptive to Laurie. And now that I’m starting to work on video where I need a clean setup for video and recording audio, having the office in a place where it doesn’t impact Laurie and I can close a door if needed is a really good idea. So I’ve finally decided to dig in and clear out the room. Right now all of the stuff in there is being relocated into another room where we can let it sit for a bit. The plan is to move it all, and then start sorting it (use, keep, donate, delete) rather than try to organize it as I move it. Some stuff is obviously going to donate (so far: four camera bags and an old vacuum cleaner and a few lamps we retired) and some stuff is obviously traceable (off to the shredder is the box of bills, statements and papers from 2008 and earlier) but we have a lot of books and need to sort through what gets donated so we have a lot fewer books but the ones we want to have.

I’ve hauled about four carts of stuff out of the room and stacked it in the temporary location and I’m happy to say I can now enter the room and figure out just what’s in there. I’ve also located my signed hockey sticks and Laurie’s sword collection, so that’s something.

there are parts that are going to move quickly, and parts that won’t, including two large cabinets full of Laurie’s hockey programs and other hockey memorabilia: about 10 linear feet of stuff that needs some care in storage until we can get their new home prepped.

This new space is about 20% larger than the space we currently have set up for my office, but before I can move in, it needs some work. I need new carpet, new window treatment, paint, and we need to upgrade the electricity in it since we couldn’t get in when we did the rest of the house. I’ve been planning out the space and I kinda like it but we’ll see how it goes in real life.

Who needs a set of weights when you can haul around dozens of boxes of books and stuff?

Hopefully if I can get things cleared out in a couple of weeks, I’ll be moved in in a couple of months. Maybe sooner? But not planning on it. That doesn’t include the time needed to reorganize all that stuff and store it again.

This is one of the rarely mentioned joys of living in the same place for 25 years.

Oh, and yeah — not surprisingly, the Youtube project has stalled, but now that I have a brain again in the evenings, I’m starting to get it moving again as well as do more writing here.