Here’s a list of the IOS Apps I use regularly and depend on. Over the last couple of years, I’ve shifted some of my tools because I now require that apps that do things that I might want to also do on IOS (or access their data on IOS) both have an IOS App and sync the data. If you can’t do that, you can’t fit into my workflows any more.

The more seamless this inter-device and inter-platform experience is, the happier I am (and data reliability is a given, not a feature). You’ll see some crossover between this list and my MacOS list, since being able to access my content on both platforms is a priority to me.

On my Application dock

  • Safari
  • Messages
  • Tweetbot: My favorite Twitter client
  • Ulysses: My goto writing and note taking app. All my blogging is done here.
  • Todoist: My Todo list. This keeps my brain organized
  • Braintoss: This one’s fairly new to me devices but solves a need I’d been struggling with. When you start it, it starts recording audio, and you can speak into it and then click a button, and it captures the audio and emails it to you. For capturing quick thoughts at inconvenient moments like when you’re driving, I’ve long wanted a reliable and pain free tool — and this is it.

My first screen apps

  • Home
  • 1Password: If you’re not yet using a password wallet and strong unique passwords everywhere, you are frankly an idiot, and please start doing so before you regret it. And the only way to do that and stay sane is with a good wallet, and 1password is mine. And everything syncs magically between all my devices, so I don’t have to worry about having a password when needed.
  • Authy: When you need 2 factor authentication codes, you can use Authy to set up those connections. I may shift this into 1Password in the next year, but right now, I’m pretty happy with Authy.
  • Camera
  • Maps
  • FullContact: I have finally found a contact manager I like. Finally.
  • Fantastical: And a calendar app.
  • Kindle
  • iBooks
  • eBird: The app I use to track what I see when out birding.
  • iBird Pro: I used to carry printed field guides with me when out birding. Now it’s on my phone and iPad. There are a number of these available, this is my primary identification guide in the field. (I do also carry the Sibley guide on my devices as well, because one guide never handles all situations)
  • Overcast: Marco Arment’s podcast player.
  • Audible
  • Music
  • MindNode: Having tried a few, MindNode is my favorite mind mapping app.
  • Facebook: Although I often wonder why
  • Slack: the chat room system that is used by lots of people these days.

Core Apps

  • Dropbox: stores and syncs my files.
  • Photos
  • Instagram: even more pictures
  • Carrot Weather: my favorite weather app. I turn off most of the attitude.
  • Luminous: exploring the night sky around you.
  • Games
    • Jigsaw Puzzle: okay, a bit old school but I like doing these
    • Full Deck Solitaire: My favorite solitaire game.
    • Alto’s Adventure: Zen Mode rocks
    • Flipflop: A fun and fascinating solitaire variation.
    • Civilization VI: Civilization, now on the iPad. I admit to being skeptical, but they did a good job of adapting it to a touch interface, and I’m really happy to be able to lose hours to trying to find that stupid barbarian camp and then losing to the Spanish.
  • Productivity

Photo Apps

Hopefully you’ll find or or two apps you’ll find useful here you didn’t know about…