A really quick update on the room of death. I’ve removed the final boxes from it and emptied the bookshelves. I found a copy of Pagemaker 5.6, Adobe Creative Suite version 1, and business cards I had made up 20ish years ago. I look at those and I’m embarrassed.

Still to do: get the bookcase outside until I can dispose of it. I have one drawer of a file cabinet to box up, and then the two files of Laurie’s hockey material have to be boxed up and stored and all of that moved into the garage somewhere for now (because it’ll be the last to be placed back into it’s new home, since it’s new home is currently full of boxes).

This week I hope to finish emptying the room and get a vacuum in there, get the quote from the electrician, and start talking to the painters. And it’s probably time to go order the carpet, but I’m waiting until it’s really empty before scheduling that or the paint, just in case it takes longer than hoped.

And then I can start ordering furniture and building it out…

And, um, start to go through those boxes…

For those counting, the pile of boxes needing sorting is now somewhere between 80 and 85. I found my needlepoint projects, at least, and I’ll sort through that soon and maybe start it up again.

I’ve also sent five boxes to the landfill, two to the shredder, and there’s another 7 boxes headed to the landfill soon, along with a bunch of other stuff. The old desk is outside waiting disposal, the bookcase will soon join it, and there was a safe in the closet that I have no idea what’s in it, but it’s not locked, just way heavier than I remember, and more than I intend to try to pick up, so I have to figure out how to get it out onto the patio until I dispose of it. I’m betting there’s a backup disk in it, and I’ll bet it’s less than a terabyte in size.

Oh, and I found a box of unused batteries, all with expiration dates of 2010 or before. Yes, stuff’s been hiding in there that long. They need to be taken care of as well.

But.. more progress.

Sekrit Projekts

I spent last week on another secret project, which I hope to let people in on really soon. It’s another WordPress site, and it’s a first for me: it’s 100% pages, no blog or posts at all. Small, simple, fast and easy to manage (and clone out to similar uses, I hope). Today it went out to feedback among the users it’ll serve, and feedback’s pretty positive.

I also set up caching, backups and turned on SSL, and amazingly enough, the SSL stuff worked first time without a fight. I’m amazed.

Alto’s Oddysey

Allow me to also toss in a quick recommendation for Alto’s Odyssey, which I grabbed when it came out last week and have been thoroughly enjoying. It’s put my book reading on hold in the evenings for a bit, but it’s the wonderful and rare game that’s endlessly repayable but doesn’t leave you stressed out trying to win at it. A very relaxing platformer. I’ll do a more detailed review down the road, but don’t wait, it’s awesome.

Apple Store at Apple Park

Oh, and I had occasion to visit the new Apple Store at Apple Park on the new campus. Well, technically, nest to the new Campus. It’s a large standalone building, entirely walled by glass, very light, very open and quite large. It’s broken up into three areas, a large middle area for the store, one end set up as the coffee bar, and the other end having the model of the Apple Park campus that’s set up to do AR things with. The coffee bar looks nice and was quite busy. The store itself was moderately busy, but my stuff arrived quickly from below ground where the storage, offices and repair areas seem to be. What I found fascinating was that there’s underground parking below the store — three floors of it. I had to go down to the second floor to find a space.

Why did I go? Well, it seems I misplaced my Beats earbuds on my last trip to the Central Valley, and so I had to get a replacement. I’ve had them since before the AirPods shipped, and so I decided, yes, it was time to try them out. Like always, that day one early adopter…. And so far, I really like them. But let me live with them a month or so…

Oh, a quick note on the Apple Store and the HomePod. I’ve seen some chatter on twitter about people worrying about the HomePod being a problem in the stores. When I was in there, they had a HomePod on one table and were demoing it. you could definitely hear it throughout the store area (but it was not really noticeable in the coffee area) but it wasn’t at all disturbing or unpleasant. And it sounded really good for trying to fill a huge space with 100% hard surfaces and glass walls.

And no, I didn’t come home with one, but I’m thinking maybe I might once the new office is up and running.

Or maybe not. I haven’t decided. I’m not a huge user of Siri, but I keep thinking I should experiment with it more and see where it might make life a little easier. Since I intend to set up the lights in the new room on Homekit, having siri to drive changing them might not be a bad thing…