Chuq 101: Four Minutes about Chuq

As I’d mentioned in the post I wrote when I turned 60 earlier this year, one of my plans moving forward is to talk more about myself, my past and how it intersects with Silicon Valley and what I’ve seen in the decades I’ve been working in tech here in the valley. At least for this first round of chats, I’m doing it under the general title of Chuq 101.

As part of our recent company on-site in New Orleans, my team got tasked with doing a 4 minute lightning talk on something, with the suggestion if you were new you should do one introducing yourself. While I’ve been with Farsight 7 months now, this is the first opportunity I’ve had to do that talk, and I felt it would make a great lead-off into Chuq 101 here as well.

So without further delay, installment one of Chuq 101. Most of the items should be self explanatory; since I’m in the engineering world, I slanted it somewhat to the technology side. If any of these things need more discussion, drop me a note and ask. Some of them I expect to talk about at some point already, but I’m always open to taking requests.

By the way, writing a strlen() function in fortran on a computer where character length varies is not recommended (but it was a fun hack).

  • Former theater major
  • Former H.S./College debate team
  • C.S./English double major
  • First Language: RSTS/E Basic
  • First home Computer: IMSAI 8080
  • First big hack: writing a BBS. In Fortran. On a CDC Cyber (six bit bytes.)
  • Four years at Disneyland (driving a forklift)
  • Also: National Semi (NS32xxx), Sun, Apple (17 years), Palm, Cisco
  • Companies that went public twice (Sun, Infoblox)
  • Startups that died: three
  • Worked for Paul Baran
  • Joined the internet: 1980 (okay, Arpanet)
  • Member: USENET Backbone Cabal
  • Published fiction author (retired)
  • Two suicide attempts, one nervous breakdown. It gets better. We can talk.
  • Away from work: Nature/Wildlife Photography, volunteering with local environmental groups
  • Most proud of: married 31 years and counting.

By the way, are any of you really surprised I did speech and debate teams in high school and college?