When last we spoke, I was telling you how I finally finished the plan defining what I was going to do when I launched my new Youtube channel. And then I disappeared again. Partly because things just got busy again, and partly because….

Well, it’s complicated.

This is the third time I’ve tried to write this. The first two just didn’t work; the tone was off, and it wasn’t really explaining what I wanted to explain. Other than that they were perfect. So I needed to back off and think it through some more, and now we’ll try again.

When I’m launching the Youtube channel

TL;DR: I’m not.

Yup. After all this time and planning, as I sat on the dock at the house in Morro Bay going over the plan and taking notes on what I needed to do next and get done during the trip, I realized that voice in the back of my head was there.

“You don’t really want to do this, you know. You just won’t admit it to yourself”

And dammit, it’s usually right, and it was right again. I almost invariably regret it when the subconscious pops up and decides it’s time to kibbitz.

So let’s talk about this

In retrospect I already knew I wasn’t going to do this, which should be obvious from the lack of enthusiasm I had for pushing the project forward. I think the enthusiasm was lost when the reports started coming out about Youtube and the nasty child-targeted videos, and then watching them react to the problem (hint: poorly) which kind of soured me on buying into their platform. I think I was hoping they’d be a better home than the other networks I use (glaring at you, Facebook and Twitter) but in reality, no, it just took longer to surface.

It is a sad commentary on social networks right now that the one that has been must successful at cleaning up its messes has been Reddit, and they get kudos from me for a serious effort at doing so. Facebook still seems stuck in “wait? We impact people’s lives?”, while Twitter’s view is still “if we impact your life, that’s your fault”.

I’ve cut way back on use of both Facebook and Twitter, and when push comes to shove, I just don’t want to invest my time and content on another service that doesn’t seem better under the covers.

And to be honest, I’m still schedule restricted, not shooting much due to that, and finding my landscape photographer seriously stalled. It seems to me I need to solve that before I load new things into my schedule

It was worth doing….

Now, having made this call, let me note the process wasn’t wasted. I enjoy sorting out and designing these things, and occasionally people pay me money to do that for them. I could have worse hobbies (one would be: running them). So to me, sorting it out was a fun adventure. If someone actually wants to borrow from the notes/plan I posted, feel free.

And out of it came some ideas for what I ought to do, which I’ll talk about soon.

One hint: if you go to the web site you’ll see there’s now a subscription form for an email newsletter, 6FPS. If you’ve read this far, you probably want to subscribe, and I’ll be explaining what my goal is for it and how it affects the blog in a future post.

There is currently a lot going on behind the scenes: I’ve started building out a new Flickr account with photos, and I’m about to completely tear down and rebuild the Smugmug setup, and I need to design a new front page for the blog site that’ll support 6FPS and these other changes.

It’ll all make more sense soon. No hurry, it took me a long time to sort out and it’s going to take a bit of discussion by me to explain…

But first, tonight for fireworks, and tomorrow is the 5th of July, which means….