The work on bringing live the 6FPS list and revamping this site to support it is moving forward. I now have the 6FPS landing page live, although it’s not tied into the menus or front page here yet. If you’re curious about more detail of what I’m intending, this is a good place to go, and you can easily subscribe there.

It also links to the new 6fps-chat discussion list. I ended up going with an email chat list because (a) it was kinda retro and very much part of my cultural past and (b) easy to use and low friction. The other thing that I seriously considered was a Slack group, but it just felt like an email chat list aligned with this move back to email better.

I’m currently working on revamping my Smugmug site with a new look and feel and shifting it to be a portfolio site, as opposed to “all my photos with my portfolio wedged in”, that latter will be what I use Flickr for. As I get the Smugmug site cleaned up, I’ll be able to set it up for print sales (for various nerdy reasons involving watermarks that wasn’t possible before), so I don’t need the Fineartamerica site, so it’s been nuked. All in the name of simplifying and adding focus to what I do online…

Also getting ready for the company trip to New Orleans, which will interrupt progress on this somewhat, but we’ll see how far I can push this forward before I fly out.