We have scheduled the next bird outings that I’ll be co-leading, and you’re welcome to join us and see some fun birds! (I hope).

On September 28, we’re doing a visit between 12 and 2PM to Ulistac Natural Area here in Santa Clara for a look around this under-appreciated beauty. It’s one of the birding areas in the county I think has good birding year round, and with a bit of luck, we might find the California Thrasher that moved in a couple of years ago — not their normal territory, but he seems happy there.

Then on October 12 I’ll be co-leading a trip out to Palo Alto Baylands to look for shorebirds and see if we have any unusual ducks in the pond, or perhaps our first winter migrants wandering in. This is one of the really nice open space areas sitting right in the middle of urban Silicon Valley and is a great place to get away from the chaos during the day.

Both of these trips are free to join up, but we ask you to register so we know you’re planning to come. These are both low-impact, easy walks through nice and diverse habitats and if you’ve never been to them, this will be a good introduction.

I’ve also committed to do my half day trip out to Merced NWR (date TBD, but expect it mid-January on a sunday), and we’re working on scheduling a December visit to Coyote Valley OSP as well. Stay tuned for details as we get them firmed up.