Over the weekend I published the latest issue of my newsletter 6FPS.

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  • I talked more about getting out of my photographic funk, and decided the way to do it was to do some things completely away from my strengths, and start shooting macro flowers. The goal? A picture of a flower I’m not embarassed to put on my wall. Next thing you know? I’ve got a tabletop rig built in my new office, where I just happened to have designed a space for one.
  • I got into a bit of a rant about why I find so much of what’s written or published online to be, well, rather simplistic, boring and repetitive, and how hard it is to find good, thoughtfully written content. And then I go on to say how this is actually destructive to the photographers it’s aimed at.
  • On the positive side, I did mention a few photographers I thought were doing the kind of thing I wish there were more of: David duChemin, Guy Tal, Art Wolfe, Ben Horne and Thomas Heaton.
  • Links to (and commentary on) the Photoactive Podcast (recommended!), Petapixel and Mason Marsh. And more items from Guy Tal, Alexander Kunz and Michael Gordon.
  • And finally, a couple of short reviews: The Storm before the Storm by Mike Duncan, about the time when Rome shifted from Republic to Empire, and King of Ashes by Ray Feist, first of his Firemane books and the first non-Riftwar work of his in a couple of decades. Both recommended.

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