As we’ve been slowly sorting out how we want the family room to look now that we have the new carpet in it, I’ve been thinking about the art to put up on the wall. There was an obvious space over the TV where just asking for a good-sized print.

So, in the last week, this arrived. It’s a 40×24 canvas in a nice frame, which I had made up at Bay Photo (yes, I’ve started using them again. So far, so good).

It is now up on the wall and I’m quite happy with the result. At the same time I did a metal print of my Firehole Springs image for a friend, which they loved — that has been consistently my most requested image for prints since I took it.

It seemed like a good time to remind everyone that if the image catches your interest, you can get prints of it from my Smugmug site. I’ve got it set up to print through Bay Photo, and as you can see, they do quality work. You can even get this Lighthouse print from them, and as you can see, it’s rather nice printed up on canvas like that…

Bandon Lighthouse

Or, of course, any of the other images I have over there… I have another wall where I’m trying to decide how best to fill it, likely with a few smaller images, and I want it to be more about me birds and wildlife. And you can likely assume that this otter shot will be part of that.