If you’ve been following my twitter you may have noticed I just made a short trip to Southern California. Other than my recent post that my writing for the blog and newsletter might be interrupted, I’ve been obscure about what’s happening.

A few weeks ago, just before Laurie and I took off for Oregon, I got the call; my sister’s been diagnosed with Lung Cancer. Stage 4. That was what got me off my butt and donating to Stephen Hackett’s campaign. At that point there was nothing I could do so we went on vacation, but we kept in touch.

Last week, my sister underwent her first Chemo treatment, and there were complications. A couple of days later I got the “you should get down here” call. This last few days she and her doctors went over her situation, and she made the decision to stop treatment and enter hospice care. The extended clan worked to bring her home, get her situated and comfortable, and help her transition into this new phase.

I’ve now come home for a bit to sort out some things at work and in my life that need sorting, and then I’ll be heading back down to spend time with her. I expect to do the I-5 tango as long as it takes, and spend whatever time I can with her when I can while I can.

I know things are going to be crazy for a while; it’s going to affect things like the blog and newsletter and lots of other bits. They’re not the priority right now. My brain right now is a puddle of soggy jello; I’m trying to get back the focus I need for work, and it’s tough. I expect at some point to kick into manic hyper-focus mode and then you may see a bunch of stuff flow out. it might even be readable. But right now I am trying to focus on what needs to happen next, and what I can do for my sister.

Your thoughts and prayers for Susan will be appreciated. You are always appreciated, even if I don’t always say that. Your donations to Stephen’s campaign will also be appreciated.

I’m doing okay, there’s just been a lot happening and my focus isn’t sharp; I expected that. What I’m trying to do is keep things moving here at home and at work while doing whatever I can for her when I can.

And that means that some of the things in life that are less necessary are likely going to be a bit neglected.

Which is as it should be, right?

We shall chat further about things when I can talk about them rationally.