every year, Stephen Hackett of Relay.FM promotes National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month for St. Jude Hospital, who took care of his child when he became ill.

Two weeks ago, I got the phone call from an old friend of mine letting me know she’d just been diagnosed with cancer.

Lung cancer. Stage 4 lung cancer. Her first Chemo round is this week.

This brought home the fact that I’ve been meaning to do the research into finding which cancer organization I wanted to add to my list of groups I donate money to every year, but hadn’t actually gotten around to it.

I won’t donate to any organization until I’ve researched where the money goes, because bluntly, there are too many “charitable” groups who’s primary use of donations is soliciting for more donations, and very little money is used for proverbial boots on proverbial ground.

This isn’t the first time someone I’m close to has fought cancer; my mom fought breast cancer, which came back a few years later in the bones and colon and killed her. A few years ago one of my college sweeties died of liver cancer. Eight or nine years ago, another good friend died of bone cancer in the spine, which FWIW is one of the worst and most painful cancers you can get.

What I’ve decided to do is adopt Stephen’s fight and donate to St. Judes in his name. I’ll shortly be donating $250 to Stephen’s campaign. It’s a good cause, and even though I don’t have kids myself, I am fully behind helping make sure kids don’t get cancer, or have someone helping them survive and thrive despite it.

So this is my call to you: If you or someone you know has been touched by cancer, you should want to help make this disease go away, either through prevention or through the ability to cure those that are afflicted. If so, and you don’t already have an organization you donate to to fight this, please consider St.Judes, either directly or through Stephen’s campaign. It’s a good group doing good work with a vulnerable set of people, and if we can help make this less common, or less devastating, we should.

I’m putting my money behind it. Will you?