I mentioned in my recent post on birding Coyote Valley with the X-T3 that I’d seen a couple of things, especially a possible halo on the tail of a hawk, and I wanted to try an alternative to Lightroom to see if it’s a rendering artifact or a real aspect of the image. So I downloaded a demo of the Capture One Fuji processing app and gave it a spin.

And, well, this happened.

I hoped it wasn’t just me, so I started looking around the net. According to here and here, it’s evidently a known bug in Capture One and a fix is being worked on.

Supposedly, from the second source, if you convert your RAW to DNG with Adobe’s converter with demosaicing turned off, it fixes the problem (or more correctly, avoids the bug). I didn’t try it, but if you run into this, good luck!

A quick glance at the hawk tail in question seems to show the same halo, so that seems to be glow from a backlight, and not a rendering artifact.

I’m going to put any comparison between Capture One and Lightroom on hold until the bug is fixed. It’s got a good reputation among some of the Fuji photographers I follow, and I want to see how well the two render compared side by side on my images.

But not today, it seems.