I’m taking a fresh try at my ongoing project of trying to show the special nature of the wildlife refuges, and so I have a new slideshow/video that I did as a bit of an experiment.

I’ve long thought images simply couldn’t bring the refuge to life in a way I wanted, that was on reason I started that push into video last year that blew up. Here, I’m sticking to images, but I’m including ambient sound as well, and I think that makes a big difference. When you’re sitting in a refuge and 40,000 geese take wing together at the same time, you don’t just see that, there’s a massive sound component, and in some ways you don’t even hear it, you feel it in a visceral way. This piece gets closer to what I’ve been trying to do than I’ve done before, and so I’m happy with the result.

I think it would be better with a few (maybe 5) more photos, longer view times by 1-2 seconds, longer and more fluid transitions, and a music track. I’ll have to take another whack at it soon, and at one or two more of these I have in mind.

What really works here I think is focus: it’s the geese and cranes. Previous tries have tried to cover too many aspects of the refuges at once, leaving them cluttered and never really having a point to care about. This indicates to me the answer to what I’ve been trying to do with the refuges is a series of these together that tell the story, rather than trying to tell the story in one unit.

which, now that I’ve realized that, makes a lot of sense.