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  • With the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday happening and Christmas around the corner, and with the memory of my sister passing on fresh on my mind, I found myself talking about holidays and the gathering of the clan, both the good and the not, and what I’m starting to grapple with this year as I come to understand what it means to be the last of the family and having no clan left to gather with.
  • Should we share our favorite places?: Carrying forward my discussions about trophy hunting photography, I get into some of the ongoing challenges of disclosing photo locations and what happens when they click with a crowd and become popular; I am also wresling with dealing with that problem and how it conflicts with my goal to help people learn about, appreciate, and enjoy the wildlife refuges
  • I’ve discovered a new podcast that I quite like so far: Everyday Photography, Every Day, an ongoing discussion between a serious photographer and an enthusiastic picture taker wanting to learn.
  • A bunch of links for your consideration, about Apple, photography, birds and life in general.

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