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  • In my recent writing, I talk about how Apple is settling for “good enough”, which isn’t good enough for Apple; I also talk about Selfies, show off what’s in my Go Bag, and explain how I spent a weekend with a water heater sitting in the main hall.
  • I go off on trophy hunting: the people (we all know at least one) who want to duplicate the trophy shots, iconic images, rather than find their own interpretation. There is also some discussion about the growing problem of these groups destroying the iconic areas the are trying to take photos of, because they don’t seem to care what impact they have on anything around them, as long as they get the shot.
  • I’ve started leaning the quirks and powers of the Fuji X-T3. Overall I’m quite happy with it, but it still is surprising me at times. On a positive note, even when I think it’s doing something bizarre, it’s getting me good images that I can work with; I’m rarely getting technical disasters out of the sensor, which is amazing.
  • A bunch of links for your consideration, about Apple, photography, birds and life in general.

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