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  • One of my holiday projects was to start experimenting with whether we could convert the house over to streaming video instead of DirecTV over the next few months. And next thing I knew, we had two new TVs and most of the house is now using Roku and Playstation Vue.
  • In case the title of this issue doesn’t spoil the fun, I dropped my camera, and it’s now in for repair. I don’t recommend doing this to your cameras.
  • I go off on Facebook and the toxic, destructive nature of the site and so much social media in general, and then look at Smugmug’s Flickr as a place where I hope we can start building communities where we aren’t afraid to read the comments.
  • In for your consideration, I link you to a bird that orders stuff via Alexa, interesting pieces on photography by Ted Forbes and Guy Tal, and if you haven’t discovered the photography of Bandon Oregon’s Susan Dimock, you’re really in for a treat.

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