Just for fun, while I was out at my birding event this weekend, I noticed I could see the top of Mount Hamilton and the Lick Observatory very clearly from where I was. I had my bird camera set up on the tripod, so I aimed it at the Observatory and clicked off a few shots.

In reality, it’s not a great shot, despite a fast shutter speed, being locked down on a tripod, and it being a post-storm atmosphere with really sharp viewing, the distance between where I was and what you see in the photo is about 12 miles, and you can see there’s a lot of atmospheric clutter impacting the sharpness of the image.

but still, if you were wondering if a 560mm lens has any use as a landscape lens, the answer is yes.

For those of us who use long lenses, in warm weather heat shimmer is a big challenge for image sharpness on distant subjects, but here, heat isn’t the problem. It was quite a brisk day, but there’s still a lot of movement in the air causing stuff to jump around a bit along the way.

But who cares, it’s not something we see very often (the road to and past the Observatory was closed for days due to too much snow), and I still think it tells a nice story.