Cascade Creek, Yosemite National Park

The final image I kept from my shooting at Cascade Creek. While I had the X-T3 on the tripod with the ND filters doing slow shutter images, I picked up the other camera, the X-T20, which had the 50-140 F2.8 on it (Fuji 70-200 equivalent) and tried to recreate a new version of that 2007 image. Hand-held, no ND filters, just me and the camera and the water.

I found myself happy to see that little bush I photographed 11 years ago was still there and doing well; not sure what that tickled my fancy, but it did.

And this is the new version of that image:

Cascade Falls, Yosemite National Park

The 2007 image was definitely taken on a tripod with an ND filter, and this new image has crisper water with less of that gentle flow to it. But I’m really caught by how much more, better detail I’m able to pull out of the rocks with a modern sensor. The level of detail is amazing.

In retrospect I wish I’d also taken this composition with the ND filters, but that merely means I’ll have to go back. But it’s always fun to revisit a subject and see what new interests you can find in it.

And before I move on to the next location, one final look at an earlier image where I’d done a black and white conversion. A group I am in had some good feedback on it, and based on that I tried again, and I think this version is much better…

Cascade Falls, Yosemite National Park